Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween (5)

This is going to be the last Halloween post, now. I decided to make this one special - it's a bit unusual, a fantasy scene, but I think you'll all enjoy it. However, as it's different, I've not included it on the list of other Halloween pieces.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone, and thank you for all the views!

They met, as always, in a barren, rocky patch of Earth, between the two Kingdoms. She hid out of sight until he appeared, holding back for a few seconds to make sure he wasn’t followed, before stepping out of the shadows.

He heard her the second she moved, and turned to sweep her into his arms instantly. She felt safe in his arms - paradoxically, ironically, stupidly safe. She could feel his soft breath on her hair as she kissed his neck and his collarbone, both bare as always, and she felt his hands squeeze her close for a second, before sliding down to her hips. She leant back in his embrace and smiled at him.

“How are you?”

“Better now you’re here.”

Her heart fluttered a little, and then she blushed, looking away guiltily. An angel shouldn’t fall in love with a demon, she told herself. It was wrong. But it felt so right.

His hand moved to her chin, tilting it back until she was facing him, and he leant in to kiss her softly on the lips. He didn’t try to invade her mouth with his tongue, so she let her own tongue push out and flick up against his lips teasingly. He snarled a little, starting to get aroused already, and kissed her more fiercely. She couldn’t resist, and her hand pushed his loincloth aside to grab his cock.

“Hey! It’s already hard!” she moaned, pulling away from the kiss to pout at him. “I thought you promised to wait until I was around to watch before you started playing with it...”

In response, he let his own hand move to her pussy, gently rubbing along her labia and over her clit, before bringing his hand up - clearly wet. His fingers pushed into her mouth, and she sucked them, blushing deeply.

“You agreed to the same thing, but you’ve been naughty too...”

She nodded, blushing harder, and looking sheepish. He just laughed, and gently stroked her cheek with a finger. By all rights, they ought to be fighting, but something about her just made him go soft inside. Not, of course, that he’d ever admit that to anyone but her.

“Come on, I don’t have much time before I have to go back” he told her. She nodded, pulling away from him, and moving over to a large, flat-topped rock nearby. Tugging at the strap of her toga, she undid the fastening, and was suddenly standing naked before him, the brilliant white cover at her feet. Then, she turned and bent over, her body forming a perfect right-angle, with her arms on the rocks for support.

“I want your ass today,” he said, pulling his own loincloth off. His red skin glowed gently in the dusk gloom, a passionate fiery red. He looked so alien as he stood up next to her, but it still felt right.

They knew what they were doing was wrong, but they couldn’t help themselves. She bent forwards for him, folding her powerful wings behind her and twisting her torso slightly to look around at him. He smirked his sinister smirk as he approached cock throbbing in his hand.

“Okay, but let me guide you in” she told him, reaching back and underneath her hips to grab his cock. He let her, feeling himself at her opening, sliding in slowly as he pushed her. But it didn’t feel right.

“Hey, I told you I wanted your ass...” he said. She was moaning, hanging her head and whimpering in pleasure. Demon cock was studded with thick, horny black lumps, like natural ribbing. It was so much better than fucking an angel, and she would certainly know.

“Yeah, I know. But you need something to lube you in, and I happened to be dripping wet...” she told him. They both smiled at the convenience, before she pushed a finger into her pussy, alongside his cock. He grunted in surprise and pleasure, but the feeling didn’t last.

As he watched, she pulled her finger out, and then pushed it to her own ass, fingering and lubing her ass for him. He just stood there, incredibly turned on by the sight, and enjoying every little sensation: of her cunt clenching as she fingered her ass, of her hips rocking together with his, of her clit throbbing under his expert touch. When she was done, she twisted again, nodding and smiling at him.

He smacked her ass, hard. He couldn’t resist it, and she yelped a little at the sensation. Then, with a handprint starting to appear on her glorious little ass, he pulled out of her cunt and pressed himself to her asshole, pushing slowly, gently, inside her.

They rocked back and forth slowly, with him occasionally spanking her as he made love to her ass. His tail flicked up and around his leg, first rubbing against her clit, and then snaking gently inside her pussy. Her hand gravitated to her pussy, rubbing her labia and her clit as he worked himself in and out of both holes, her body shuddering as a mini-orgasm hit.

“Do you need me to stop?” he asked her, caringly.

“No. More. Harder. Faster.”

Her voice was desperate, and he was too. Grabbing her hips, he started to fuck her faster, pounding in and out of her ass. Her fingertips danced over her clit as if it was her heavenly harp, and they competed for who could come first.

She did. She screamed in the least angelic way possible, a grunting, groaning, sordid note of pure pleasure. Her body twitched, her pussy and ass clenched hard, and her juices flowed down his tail and over her legs. Feeling her entire body quivering like a vibrator underneath him and her ass clenching tight on his length, he couldn’t take it any more, and with a few final thrusts, he pushed his hips against hers, and started to flood her ass with his cum.

It was several minutes before both of their orgasms subsided, and before they could think straight. They couldn’t help but kiss passionately as they dressed, and they held each other close once last time, the last time before they had to part once more and return to their own kingdoms.

Kissing her softly on the head, he whispered, “I will see you again. I miss you.” to his forbidden lover. She whispered back to him, before turning and launching herself into the air.

Til’ next time.

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