Thursday, 29 September 2011

His and Hers

She closed her eyes to shut out the bright light from the bulb hanging over her bed, screwing her face up into a cute little pout. With the darkness came a new appreciation for her other senses, and she focused even more on the buzzing plastic in her hand, pressing against her pink, swollen clit.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The warm water splashed down over her face for a second as she moved backwards through the jet of water. The tiles were cold against her back, and she bit her lip to stifle a yelp. Her hair was drenched and matted to her body, her shoulders, her back and face, and she raised a hand to push the thick, heavy strands away from her eyes. Her skin tingled all over, and despite the warm water, she began to feel goosebumps on her arm as her pussy got slightly wetter.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


He smirked at her, stroking her cheek and slapping his cock on her full, perfect breasts. Her nipples, a dark pink colour, were already erect, and he rubbed himself over them with relish. Pre-cum rubbed off and left a shiny wet patch glistening on her skin; he barely noticed as he shifted position.


Her fingers tripped easily down the buttons of her shirt, popping each one out without hesitation, allowing the fabric to fall open and expose her soft, voluptuous cleavage. The cool air was divine against her skin and she waved the edges of the garment a few times to enjoy the breeze. Then, slowly, gently, with his eyes watching her, she slipped the shirt down one arm, then another, and tossed it onto the back of the chair.

Monday, 26 September 2011


“On your knees.”

His words made her shiver a little, and her already damp pussy squeezed a little on itself. She felt so empty, and that only heightened the feeling of cold metal against her wrists. Suddenly, she felt a hand smack her cheek, her skin suddenly burning with shame and pain.


He felt his shoulders and back tense slightly, and his voice started to stammer slightly, but she took over for him, covering the lapse in conversation expertly. Underneath the tablecloth her hand stroked his thigh gently just above his knee, her index finger tracing small circles against the thin fabric of his trousers.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


“Mmm, more” she moaned softly, a happy smile on her face. With her eyes closed, she couldn’t see anything, but she heard another guy approach, wanking furiously, close to her face. She couldn’t help but giggle, feeling her wet pussy squeeze momentarily, further soaking her thighs.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Who wants to play?

Hey lurkers,

The previous post,  - about the raven-haired model, enjoying some time alone in her dressing room - was something that crossed my mind when I saw a picture of a gorgeous English model I like.

I was thinking that I'll make a game out of it. Every now and then, I'll do a post inspired by someone famous, and we'll see who - if anyone - can guess it.

So, comment away, see if you can work out who it is!

Guess Who.

Her long, jet-black hair tumbled down past her ears, over her shoulders, reaching the pendant around her neck. The vivid blue lingerie she was wearing was slightly see through, and she knew her tender pink nipples were obvious through the fabric, but she didn’t care. That only made it hotter.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


The dress clung tightly to her frame, shimmering slightly under the club’s many strobe lights; it was almost skin tight to show off her figure, with a plunging neckline and a hem that stopped abruptly mid-thigh, leaving little to the imagination. The many men circling her like predators could see, even in the dim gloom, that there were no lines on that dress. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Just a thin strip of fabric between them and their prey.

First Time...

The candles dotted around the room flickered gently, burning up and dying back in an erratic but beautiful shimmer of ever-changing light. The fragrant dancing glow around the room gave their skin a faint red tinge that only added to the beauty captured in that moment.


Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Although this is going to be an erotic blog, I thought I’d make the first post of the blog non-sexual. Instead, I thought I would explain what I’m hoping to achieve. So, think of this as a layout of intentions, a description of things to come if all goes well. Or you could call it a warning, if you wanted.

This blog will be dedicated to erotica. Erotica, sensuality, ribaldry, pornography, whatever you would like to call it; I’m not going to debate semantics, and to be honest, I might well wind up writing things on this blog that could go in all of those categories. What is important is that this site will be explicit, detailed, and as sexy as possible.

There is a plethora of online blogs with sexual pictures or gifs; there seems to be a niche for a text-based sexual blog - especially one that is discrete and innocent enough that a casual glance from a coworker, a student in the library or a disapproving parent doesn’t reveal anything too obvious on your screen.

I know there are sites like Literotica, with plenty of sexual stories available for free. However, I’m not aiming to provide full stories (yet). More what I’m providing is brief snapshots, images, characters, a little bit of a scene, to get your imagination running away with you. This blog is meant to be more like a nude photo than a porn film; a little classier, and it relies on your imagination to do some of the work.

I’d love for this to become quite popular. I find that the written word can be incredibly erotic, and I think that there are many others out there who would agree. Ultimately, I’d love to move from Blogspot onto a full, independent site, with regular updates, space for other posters, forums, possibly chat-rooms, and - arguably most importantly - a space for e-books. I’ve got quite a few ideas for stories that are too long to post easily into a blog, but that I’d still love to share with everyone.

In the mean time though, I need to build followers, so please recommend anyone you can think of, and check back regularly. The more people who read this, the quicker a little community builds, and the faster I can move to another site, and write longer pieces.

Anyway. Heartfelt pleas for support over, I hope you enjoy the site. There will be another post soon after this one - a post more in keeping in why you’re all here, no doubt.

Bon voyage!