Saturday, 22 October 2011

Topsy Turvy

The rope bit hard into the skin of her thighs and shins, holding her entire body several feet above the ground. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it kept her constantly on edge, reminded at all times that she was bound, ready to pleasure her Master.

Her arms were tied behind her back as well, and her long red hair dangled almost the entire way to the floor. Bound upside down like this, the blood rushed to her head uncomfortably, but it also increased her awareness. Every nerve ending was on fire, and she could feel the goosebumps all over her body, even before he had touched her.

He moved forward and placed his cock at her lips, running a finger down the leather corset she was wearing.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir, thank you for your cock Sir”.

“Good girl” he said, reaching down to grab the back of her head, and then pushing himself deep into the cozy, wet heat of her mouth. He grunted as he pushed into her mouth, inch after inch sinking into her throat. She gagged as he pushed, but he was testing his whore. grunting again, his hands found the firmest grip on her head that they could, and he shoved even harder.

She opened her jaw as wide as she could, stretching her lips and relaxing her throat to allow him to push further in. Her tongue fluttered over the thick veins of his shaft, tracing each one as well as she could. Her throat was tight and warm and very wet, a perfect home for him, and every pleasured grunt or laboured groan made her pussy shudder a little in delight that she was pleasing him so well.

Her vision was starting to fade a little from lack of air, but she didn’t struggle against the bonds, or try to stop sucking, or try to pull her head back. Right then, in that moment, her cunt was wet and dripping, her clit throbbing, and she preferred his cock to air.

It was almost as if he could sense her need to breath. He held in her mouth for a few seconds to enjoy the sensations, and to torture her, before pulling out suddenly. Her throat was empty, her mouth empty, her lungs empty, and she gasped and heaved and coughed. Her tits jiggled slightly in the tight leather as she gulped for air, catching her breath quickly.

In front of her eyes, his cock quivered slightly, constantly quivering with the rhythm of his heartbeat. Several small beads of precum dribbled from the slit at the end, and she could see the thin strands of saliva that hung from her lips to his dick

“How was that slut?”

“Amazing Sir, thank you Sir” she moaned, her breath still ragged.

“Now you know how to suck a cock... why don’t you show me how much you appreciate me” he smirked.

She opened her mouth wide, and his hands found the little gap at the base of her neck. Stepping forward, his cock slipped between her lips again, and he started to thrust, hard and deep, faster and faster, using her mouth as a fuckhole. She moaned into his cock, and the vibrations only pleasured him more.

She shut her eyes, overcome by the sensation of his cock literally opening her throat with each thrust. The extra bloodflow to her brain multiplied every little feeling by a thousand, and she shivered. Her clit was throbbing insistently, almost painfully, and she felt on the brink of a powerful orgasm.

Moaning again, she focused on sucking him, hoping that he would fuck her soon, and she could show her full appreciation by cumming on his cock...

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