Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Her short denim miniskirt clung to her legs uncomfortably in the heat of the train carriage. Normally on a day like this, she would have worn something looser, but she needed the shortness if her plan was going to work. With a smirk, she looked over to her boyfriend, her lovely submissive toy, and then winked at him. Even as she turned to him, he could feel the butterflies in his stomach rising - he knew she had something planned.

Without a word, she lifted herself off the seat slightly, and thrust her hands under the skirt to grab at her dark blue briefs. She managed to tug them just far enough down her hips that she could sit back in the seat, and slide them the rest of the way. She had been careful, and there was no-one in the carriage with a direct line of sight to her seat by the window; even the few passengers who were there were so engrossed in other things, they barely noticed the pair of them.

Lifting up her legs and bending them slightly, she managed to unhook her panties from her stiletto heels, and with another mischievous smirk, she leant over, pretending to kiss him and whisper something in his ear, but really she was making him smell her scent.

“Get your cock out, now, slave” she moaned breathily in his ear, reaching down and pushing the fabric into his pocket. He flushed scarlet, looking away at the floor and mumbling some objections. She simply repeated the order, a tiny bit louder, and he caved quickly. He was naturally submissive, and he knew that if he didn’t obey, she would simply raise her voice until the whole carriage knew he was her bitch.

He reached down, grabbing the zipper and pulling it down. Then, looking around furtively to check no-one was watching, he reached in quickly and pulled his cock out, laying it on his jeans and covering it with his hand. At that point, she nodded, standing up and moving sideways slightly, pointing at her seat. He knew what he had to do, and slid sideways, into her seat.

As soon as he was in place, she yanked her skirt up and slid back onto his lap, feeling his semi-turgid cock underneath her, against her lips. She starting to grind on it, quickly feeling her own juices coat it, and feeling it swell and harden. When she judged it was hard enough, she reached down, slightly - and deliberately - pinching it between her long painted nails, guiding it inside her.

She grabbed the headrest of the seat in front and gently, carefully, started to move her body up and down. She did it slowly, partly so that the other passengers were less likely to spot what she was doing, and partly to tease her little cumtoy to the fullest extent.

Leaning back against him, she turned her head slightly and ground her hips in small circles so his cock still moved inside her, enough to drive him wild but not to make him cum.

“Guess what I saw.” She commanded him, giggling.

“I don’t know Miss...” he groaned, a bead of sweat running down his temple.

“The ticket collector is coming. Act natural” she replied triumphantly, sitting up and forward, settling in to get comfortable, knowing her slave was fighting against crying out. And that he would be struggling to maintain a steady voice every second the ticket collector was there...

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