Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ever wonder how many people have had sex in that hotel room you're in?

She pulled him into the room and shut the door quickly behind them. “We don’t have long” she said, already on her knees and pulling at his belt buckle and zipper as she spoke. He barely had time to react, to stutter a few words of half-hearted protest, before she pulled his boxers down far enough to end any possibly argument.

His cock bounced out of his boxers as she pulled them, slapping gently onto her forehead. She pulled a face, pouting and wrinkling her nose adorably as she looked up at him. He just shrugged apologetically and reached out to stroke her soft, ginger hair. After a moment, she shrugged as well, licked her palm, and reached out to grab his cock.

Her hand moved fast over his cock, almost a blur up and down the shaft with a slight flourish over the head to get him ready as quickly as she could. She had been flirting with him for the entire train journey here, so it wasn’t a challenge. They both wanted each other, and even though they only had a few minutes before they needed to head out, they could christen this hotel room easily.

She stood up gracefully, turning away and reaching back to the zipper on her ass. The skirt dropped like a stone, and she pulled urgently at the thin, plain cotton panties that hid her. They, too, dropped down her legs to the cheap hotel floor, and she stepped out of it.

He watched her as she grabbed the swivel chair and pulled it out, licking her hand again and reaching back to rub at her asshole. He groaned, and started to move towards her on instinct. His own underwear and jeans still around his ankles, impairing his movement, but he shuffled to her.

“In my ass, baby...” she breathed heavily, nodding at him and reaching back to guide him in. Her fingertips were soft against the head of his penis, and he groaned a little just from her touch. Then, he was pressing against her asshole, pushing forward, into her.

She bit her lip and stifled her moans and screams, while he did his best to resist groaning too loudly, or spanking her ass, or talking dirty to her, or making any other kind of noise that might attract attention through the thin hotel walls. Her ass resisted a little, and he pushed harder; normally, he would have much more lube, but they didn’t have enough time. He added a little extra spit, and then slid another inch inside her.

“More, more, I want more. Just shove it in” she panted, hanging her head slightly as she leant over the chair. Her hair fell over her face, and he caught a glimpse of the sultry beauty in the mirror, and of himself, pushing against her. With a final thrust, he buried his full length into her ass, and held still for a moment, feeling her warmth.

The calm lasted a few seconds. Then, he grabbed her hips so tightly that his fingers went white, so tightly that his grip left little brown bruises on her skin for her to remember this by.  Pulling out of her ass, he felt her body rock gently back against his as if her ass didn’t want him to pull away. The chair rolled a few inchs on its wheels. She moaned a little.

He pushed forward again, harder this time, rocking her body forwards. In and out he slammed, fucking her ass faster and faster as her body got used to it and resisted the intrusion in her ass less and less.

“Fuck my ass harder, please, Jesus, harder” she groaned. So he reached out, his right hand grabbing a fistful of her hair and his left pressing down against the small of her back to keep her in place. His cock slid in and out of her at a different angle, exploring a different part of her ass.

She moaned in thanks, and he grunted in reply, each of them lost to their animalistic passions, pleasure surging through them with every push, their orgasms getting closer and closer with every pull, their short time together ticking away with each thrust, in and out of her ass...

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