Sunday, 2 October 2011


The tip of the joint blazed slightly as he inhaled again, casting a gentle glow on his face. She smiled, her eyelids slightly heavy, feeling completely relaxed, euphoric, and not a little horny. Her hand slide down to the plain cotton panties she was wearing, and she started to rub herself, shamelessly, on the sofa.

It took him a minute to notice what she was doing, and he stopped midway through a fit of giggling, gasping slightly as he saw the darkened spot on her panties where her pussy had made the thin fabric damp. He imagined he could smell her, and he groaned. His cock strained against his boxers, pulling him forward, and he was soon standing, walking over to her.

He dropped to his knees, and licked at the damp fabric; even though the texture was alien to his tongue, he could just taste a hint of his girlfriend in the fabric. The weed made everything sweeter to him, clearer, almost tangible in his mind, and the heightened sensations only stoked the desire in him to new heights.

She yelped in happy surprise as he reached up and grabbed her underwear, pulling it roughly down her thighs. He didn’t even bother to pull it all the way off her, leaving it tangled around one ankle as he gently stroked her knees, pushing them apart and starting to plant soft kisses on the skin of her upper thighs, his lips just teasing her.

She was in Heaven from the moment his tongue reached her pussy and ran up the length of her mound in a single, lazy lick. She shuddered slightly, already light-headed from the weed, and now feeling her body spasm slightly as he flicked her clit with his tongue, wrapped his lips around it and sucked her for a fraction of a second, and then moved again, to slowly, teasingly, lick up her labia again.

“Mmm, fuck, you’re too good at that...” she moaned softly, almost to herself. Her hands reached up, squeezing her breasts as his tongue worked on her, over and over. Her nipples were erect, straining against her shirt. She spasmed again, twitching uncontrollably; only her hips seemed stable and unmoving, his hands clenched tightly on her ass to make sure of it.

Her thighs squeezed his ears harder and harder. He smiled, reaching up and sliding his two index fingers easily inside her to part her lips so he could thrust his tongue in. Just as he did so, she came - noisily, uncontrollably, unexpectedly, cumming hard on and above and around him. Her screams woke the neighbours, and make his cock throb desperately to be inside her, and finally, when her thighs relaxed, he fell back onto the floor, looking up at her, grinning as she reached out for more weed...


  1. i have never met anyone who realistically screams that loud when the cum but i suppose that's a reason to go out tonight.

  2. It's not common, I know. But it happens. The thin walls of a university accommodation block, combined with a rather loud partner makes for some interesting conversations the next morning.

    Still, not everyone is a screamer. Some are moaners, some are whimperers, some are yelpers. Some don't make much noise.

    It doesn't make much difference if the sex is good though. So, go out, and find someone fun to fuck. Who cares how loud they scream. :)