Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween (4)

“Come here.”

“Yes Sir”.

He never could resist that outfit. The short black skirt that exposed her perfect thighs, the long white socks covering her calves, the black high heels, the white lacing and apron, the exposed cleavage.

Even if it weren’t for the outfit, He wouldn’t have been able to resist her - her magnificent bosom, her face, her legs, her pert smackable ass, her total submissiveness. She was everything He wanted, and He wanted her now.

He smiled as she trotted over to him and knelt gracefully in front of Him.

“How can I serve you Sir?”

By way of answer, he unzipped himself and pulled his cock out, gently stroking it on her full lips. She pouted, frowning up at him, but not making a move to suck it without instructions - He had trained her well. Her lips were soft and slightly moist, and the feeling of His cock pressing at her mouth was enough to tease them both. But it wasn’t enough.


A simple command, and she responded instantly. Opening her mouth, her tongue snaked out to probe at the sensitive tip of His cock, while her head moved gently forward and down. Her lips wrapped around His shaft, her tongue tracing words of devotion along the underside of His dick as His cock pried open her willing throat.

He grabbed two fistfuls of her hair and started to fuck her mouth with long, deep, aggressive strokes, His cock pounding her throat like a battering ram. Spit and precum mixed in her mouth, some of it sliding down her throat but most of it spilling from her lips, running down her chin and dripping to the floor or onto her beautiful tits.

With a little effort, she managed to push her tongue underneath His cock, between His shaft and her lips, pushing it out to tease His balls every time He thrusted deep into her mouth. He grunted louder than he had been before, enjoying the new sensations, slowing his thrusts slightly to prolong the delightful feelings of her mouth.

Finally, he pulled out of her throat, His cock and her face sopping and slimy with spit. She panted for breath, her tits heaving, and He smiled down at her.

“All fours.”

She obeyed instantly, dropping her body carefully forwards onto her hands and raising her hips high. He moved behind her, grabbing the hem of that tiny dress and yanking it up, cocking an eyebrow as He did.

“Lacy pink panties?”

“I thought they looked sexy, Sir. I wanted to please you.”

He smacked her ass hard, and shook his head.

“I prefer black.”

“I’ll remember that Sir...” she said, her voice degenerating into a low, animal moan as he pulled her pink panties to one side - the lace tickling her clit pleasantly - and sank his cock deep into her body, all the way up to kiss her cervix.

They fucked hard and passionately, His hands on her hips, her body pushing back to Him, His hips thrusting forward in a steady, fast rhythm. The sunlight streaming through the kitchen window seemed to make them glow as they fucked, with one mind and one desire, engrossed in their lust.

She had only just closed her eyes to focus on the feeling of His cock inside her, when she felt one of his hands grab her long, lustrous hair, and two of His fingers rubbing her clit through her thin underwear. Her eyes flew open again, and she moaned again, having to fight just cumming right then.

“Sir... can... permission... cum...” she said, her mind too erratic to phrase the question, and her breathing too ragged to ask it.

“Yes, you can” He grunted, still sliding easily in and out of her, waiting. He didn’t need to wait long; within a few moments, her pussy was squeezing on His length, her juices flooding down her thighs, and onto His freshly pressed trousers. She had clearly been toying with herself, He thought; He would have to discipline her.

But not now. The feeling of her pussy clenching on Him, as if she was trying to milk Him for his cum, was too much. With a final moan, He pulled back so that only the tip of his cock was inside her pussy, and He let loose, flooding her with his cum. He watched the shaft of his cock swell and contract, each pulse pushing more of his seed inside her, until finally, He was spent.

He kept a hand on her panties as his cock began to soften and He pulled out, so that most of his load drained straight out of her, dribbling down her thighs, and onto the lino-flooring of the kitchen. She turned to look at him, biting her lip, watching.

“Well, you’re the maid. Clean it up...” He said simply, sitting back and watching her as she licked His cum from the floor; her fingers spooned His cum off her thighs before she drained every drop.

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