Monday, 10 October 2011


With the blindfold on, she couldn’t see a thing. Instead, she felt, as she was forced to do, as her Owners knew she would have to do.

Everything was intensified. The feeling of the cold, hard polished wooden floor pressing uncomfortably against her knees; the feeling of the clamps, biting into her nipples; her blonde hair, ruffled and tangled into messy clumps on her head from where a fistful of it had been grabbed; the cool air from the ceiling fan, brushing over her body and making her skin tingle; a bead of sweat, running down her back, tickling as it went; her pussy, dripping slightly onto her thighs. Every minor sensation that she normally would have brushed off were so clear and vibrant when she was deprived of sight.

She felt a slightly shiver run down her back and her shoulders shuddered slightly. Was that just the air, or was it a brush of fabric against her? Had someone had moved behind her, and who? Him or her? What was about to happen? Her mind went into overdrive, which only made it more a shock when the teeth sank into her neck.

She could tell it was her, from the bite, and from the womanly touch on her stomach, and from the longer fingernails. But she hadn’t been expecting a bite, and she moaned loudly, a primal lust mixed with the surprise in her tone. Her pussy clenched involuntarily on itself, feeling decidedly empty, and she whimpered a little. She felt the teeth clench harder for a second, and then draw away.


A hand smacked her face, hard, on the right cheek, and the pain burned intensely on her face for a second. There was no distraction from the pain, and she moaned; even so, she always had been a bit of a sadist, and it made her pussy drip a little again.

Slap. The left cheek this time, balancing her up again. It stung, flaring for a second, and then dying back, just as the first smack had done. She could feel her cheeks flush slightly, and she felt so dirty in that moment. A dirty fucking whore, a bitch for the pleasure of others. She felt the warm glow in her stomach she always got from pleasing others, and cherished it.

Her Mistress behind her reached forward, speaking a few words to the guy, and then hooking her fingers into their cumtoy’s mouth and pulling her mouth wide. She couldn’t fight it, and she didn’t want to. She just knelt there, her jaw opening as wide as she could and her mouth pulled obscenely open.

“Fuck her throat” she heard the female voice from behind her, firm and commanding. She heard a snigger, and then, she felt the cock. The blindfold was still on, so she felt the thick, throbbing, hard organ push into her throat, squelching noisily against her tonsils as it pushed into her throat, and then pulling out with a slight wet sucking sound. The noises were so much louder than usual, the feeling of her throat being invaded as he pushed to the hilt so much more insistent.

She opened wider, and tried to take the cock as he slammed it, in and out, over and over, using her mouth as a fuck hole for his own pleasure.

She could feel them both, using her, more intently than every before. And she loved it.

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