Thursday, 6 October 2011


He poured the water into the machine before quietly replacing the jug onto the hot plate and flicking the switch. The squat black machine gurgled gently, hissing as the water began to boil, and then the aroma of coffee started to fill the kitchen as the first few drops began to fill the jug.

Satisfied, he turned away, and walked on tiptoes back into the bedroom. She was still there, coiled up beneath the sheets, breathing softly. Her long blonde hair was mostly hidden, but he could just see the back of that golden head. Approaching, smiling to himself, he pulled the covers up, sliding into the gloom beneath it.

He had to be careful, gentle, very slow with his movements, so as not to wake her too soon. His hands rolled her gently onto her back, and slowly parted her legs. He stopped for a moment to admire her calves and thighs, so smooth and perfectly formed. It was what had attracted her to him that first night - the short dress, and those magnificent legs...

Shaking his head slightly, he looked up and saw her breasts, rising and falling slowly. Still asleep. Good. Not even stopping to think about his good fortune, he leaned in and slowly, carefully, flicked his tongue over her clit. She stirred gently, but neither made any noise, nor moved much, and so he leaned forward again. A second flick, and she sighed slightly, one leg bending slightly.

He started to trace letters on her clit, first his name, then hers, and then the beginnings of a romantic poem he had written for her on Valentine’s Day. It didn’t take long before he forgot the words, though, and listening carefully to her moans, he leant in and sucked her clit hard for a few seconds.
She stirred more now, moaning louder, moaning his name and writhing slightly. His hands were on her body already though, holding her thighs in place so she couldn’t move her hips anywhere but up - straight to his mouth.

His tongue worked on her clit as he sucked it, but after a few seconds, he moved to her pussy. She moaned his name again, groggily but more insistently, and he responded by pushing his tongue forward, pushing it into her pussy as far as it would go. It didn’t make it inside far enough, but it was enough to taste her flavour, the sweet tang of her excitement clear on his tongue. He carried on mouth-fucking her for a while, feeling her getting wetter and wetter. His lips, nose and chin were soon dripping with his own saliva, and with her guilty pleasures. The bed was damp, and she was very much awake.

“Ahhh, what the fuck are you doing?” she moaned, her tits heaving as her breath came in heavy pants. She reached out, pulling the blankets aside so she could look him in the eye.

“Good morning to you too. Cranky much?” he said, stopping only for a second to talk. As soon as his lips were against her again, her hips bucked in pleasure and she moaned, long and forcefully. Her hands were on her tits, toying with her nipples, and she could feel his efforts starting to take effect. She could feel herself climbing, higher and higher, towards the inevitable peak of sexual pleasure.

He pushed a finger in and curled it upwards to find her g-spot. Moving his mouth back to her clit, occasionally letting his tongue lick around the base of his finger, he carried on, rubbing and tapping and teasing the inside of her pussy as he fought to make her cum.

“And... I was having, such a wonderful drreemmmmmmm” she said, her words degenerating into meaningless noise as a small orgasm started to hit her body. She started to pout, and would have complained when he pulled his finger out of her, but she was too busy squirming on the bed and yelping to herself. He didn’t realize that she hadn’t reached her full orgasm, and contented himself to just licked her cunt, drinking in more of her dissatisfaction.

Finally, when she stopped writhing and lay panting on the bed, he pulled back.

“There’s coffee in the kitchen. I’ll make breakfast” he said, starting to move away.

She reached out, grabbing his hand and pulling him back. Before he knew it, he was lying on the bed as she straddled him, smirking, her flushed wet pussy rubbing a damp spot into the light hair on his stomach.

“I think you already woke me up, but I didn’t cum yet. So. Where were we...”

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