Thursday, 27 October 2011


“Stop it, they’re asleep!”

“Then let’s go somewhere else...”

He grabbed her hand and led her away from the lounge, with their friends sleeping drunkenly on the couches, into the darkened hall, and then into one of the abandoned bedrooms. She reached behind her, starting to swing the door shut, and gasped in surprise as she felt his hands on her cheeks, his lips on hers, his tongue starting to open her mouth. The door clicked shut silently, and she relaxed a little, kissing back.

They kissed fiercely as his hands wandered over her breasts, and her hands moved down to his cock, bulging in his jeans. Breaking the sloppy kiss, she pulled backwards. He responded by grabbing her boobs and squeezing gently as his thumbs rubbed over her nipples. She laughed resignedly, and fought a moan, trying to talk.

“We can’t fuck here, we just can’t. Your girlfriend is next door for Christ’s sake!” she whispered at him. He looked thoughtful and pulled his hands away from her tits for a second before a mischievous grin spread across his face. His hands clapped to her ass, and he squeezed tight, eliciting a small moan from her.

“Good point. But that doesn’t mean you can’t suck me off...” his voice was firm and decided, and his smile gave a glimpse to his excitement at doing something so decidedly naughty.

“Well, I shouldn’t...” she muttered unconvincingly, licking her lips. She hardly needed the encouraging hand on her shoulder, pushing her down: her eyes were locked on his bulge as he unzipped his jeans. She never could resist sucking a cock the moment she saw one - an odd habit, that had got her into trouble more than once. She smile a little as the purple head appeared in the light of the room, the thick vein running from just behind it down his shaft.

Her knees hit the thin carpet of the floor, and her eyes locked on the cock hovering in front of her. From his point of view, her eyes looked closed, and her deep, dark eyeshadow and glitter mascara only turned him on more. His fists grabbed her hair, and he lined his cock up with her lips.

“Open up” he growled, gently pushing forwards. Taking a deep breath, she did as she was told, opening her mouth and sucking the tip of his cock as he pushed. It kept sliding forwards, more and more of his cock entering her mouth. Her tongue traced the underside, the veins and folds of skin and throbbing thickness of it all.

He grunted quietly, and started to simply fuck her mouth. Over and over, he’d thrust and pull back, hearing the slight squelch of his cock buried into her throat, her little hopeless gag, and then the gasp for air as he pulled all but the tip of his cock from her mouth. Her tongue would swirl over the tip, before he pushed in again to restart the process. Looking down, he suddenly noticed her hands - the left tangled into his shirt, gripping it tightly, while the right was pushing deep into her unbuttoned jeans, to her cunt.

“Fuck, you dirty slut, you’re loving this” he groaned. She tried to nod, moaning and making his shaft vibrate delightfully as she fingered herself. And just then, watching her sucking his cock eagerly and pleasing herself as she did, a cruel thought crossed his mind. With a smirk, his left hand grabbed the hair at the back of her head, and he pulled her reluctantly off his cock. She whined a little, but he shook his head.

“Shhh. Just watch.” he told her as his right hand started to slowly, surely, pump his cock, using her spit as lube. Slowly at first, and faster and faster, he jacked off his cock, making sure to keep it within her eyeline, close to her lips, but not close enough. She whined and moaned, fingering herself more and more desperately, begging to finish sucking him.

He had been fighting his own orgasm for almost a minute before her breath started to come in ragged bursts. She was about to cum, and they both knew it. Waiting just a second long, his hand moved as fast as it could, and he relaxed, letting a thick, white jet of cum arc from cock to land on her face, and in her hair. Another, and then another rope of cum, more and more cum as he painted her face. She panted a few more times, her fingers clawing desperately at her g-spot, and then her orgasm overwhelmed her, leaving her a quivering, gasping, dripping wet mess at his knees.

Finally, they both collapsed back to the floor to rest, panting heavily. Her face was still dripping in his cum, and he couldn’t help but smile as he looked over at her.

“You’ll need to clean that up you know. But first... why don’t you use your mouth to clean me off.”

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