Welcome to my blog, the Second Circle.

I've been doing this for about two months now, and I thought I just put up a 

So, I thought I should clear up a couple of things that people often ask about.

Firstly, this is a text-only blog. I've thought about including pictures, but there so many websites and Tumblrs and blogs devoted to sexy or sexual pictures that I think doing that here would be a waste of time and effort. So, although I'm thinking of including links to pictures, .gifs or videos that inspired particular stories, I won't put pictures up on here.

Secondly, I know that there are already sites devoted to text-based erotic stories - Literotica, the BDSM-Library and many others. However, alot of the stories that get posted are quite long, and can take a little while to read. I try to keep my blog different by keeping the posts short - between 500 and 1,000 words.

That means that there isn't much time or space for alot of foreplay, something a number of people have mentioned to me. I know that that is a shame, as foreplay can turn good sex into great sex. Even so, I see this blog more like a Tumblr account with alot of sexy .gifs and pictures, rather than like porn.

Watching a porn takes you from foreplay to sex, and a cumshot at the end, whereas the pictures or .gifs give you a quick snapshot, and let your imagination do the rest. In the same way, my blog posts are meant to be a quick snapshot of a scene, to get your imagination fired up.

So, that's what I'll promise you. I won't mention my personal life (although some of the stories might be based on personal experiences or fantasies). I won't whine, I won't moan, I won't trouble you with my problems. Just short, sexy writing for you to enjoy.

So, feel free to comment, or send me emails at sec.circle@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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