Monday, 10 October 2011

Obligation (Part 2)

Her ass-cheeks burned from the ordeal with the paddle and so she was very careful not to move too quickly when she stood up. The latex clung to her body like glue, hot and sticky and sweaty, making her acutely aware that she was dressed for His pleasure.

Doing as she was instructed, she moved to the huge, black leather sofa and sat on it. A feeble cry escaped her lips as she sat down and the pain in her ass exploded for a second, worsening for a moment as she swiveled around to face the back of the sofa. Then, she lifted her legs high, hooking the over the back of the seat and wriggling herself into position. It took only a few, unsexy seconds, but then she was ready.

He looked over her position with approval. Her long, shapely legs followed the slight curve of the back of the sofa, and her head hung upside down from the chair. Her hair spilled downwards, a long, chocolate-brown waterfall against the sombre black leather of the furniture. He nodded to her, so she knew that He was pleased. Then, His left hand dropped to his zipper, right His right continued to idly play with the leather spanker.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Him. She watched Him unzip his dark-grey office suit and then tease her by not pulling out His manhood. He loosened his tie and undid a button, two buttons, of His thin white shirt, but He didn’t let her see his chest, or even remove His jacket so she could get a better view of him. She longed for Him, but she knew she needed to be patient.

It seemed to on forever, the teasing. He taunted her with His clothing, with his seeming lack of interest in her, with the leather spanker that had made her ass sting and her cunt dribble for her Master. Then, finally, after what seemed like an age, he stepped forward, his black leather show loud on the polished wooden flooring.

He approached her, pulling His semi-swollen cock - the tip already glistening with precum that made her lick her lips in anticipation - from his trousers as he moved across the room, and then kneeling in front of her. She watched him, upside down, as he pushed his glorious cock to her lips. She didn’t need any prompting, she had been thinking about this all day. Eagerly, she started to suck him.

Her lips moved past the thick head of His cock to the ridge beneath, and she moaned in pleasure just from the taste. Then, she let her mouth gently rock back on forth on the end of His cock while her tongue swirled in repeated circles around his dick. He grunted hard, and started to push deeper inside her throat. Her lips offered no resistance, and her tongue encouraged Him by trying to trace every vein as more and more of his length shoved into her mouth.

His cock pried her mouth open as he pushed in to the hilt; He knew it would. This position was one of His favourites, perfect for deeper, more controlled thrusts into a slave’s mouth. He loved to put his slave on her knees and fuck her mouth occasionally, like a pornstar performing for a cheap, brutal deepthroat flick, but that always felt too showy for Him. This position had more class, more control, a more calm and genteel nature to it, even as He reminded her that she was his personal little slut.

Of course, like this, her throat was open enough to thrust deep into, but as tight and as wet as any cunt. He grunted in ecstacy as his cock pushed past her tonsils and into her gullet. Holding himself that deep, He could control her breathing - reward her with air, or punish her by withholding it. He stayed in place for a few more seconds, enjoying the feelings around his throbbing meat, and then pulled out.

She gasped, her tits heaving and her breath coming in ragged pants as she fought to fill her lungs again. If it weren’t for the latex dress, the wetness on her thighs, and the thick ribbons of sticky saliva that hung between the head of his cock and her lips, she could have been anything - an athlete after a run, a hard-working filmstar, even just a normal, beautiful girl, breathing deeply in and out.

But she wasn’t. She was His whore. They both knew it, and they both loved it.

“More please Sir” she moaned, reaching up to pull the front of her dress down. It was a struggle, but the latex finally shifted, exposing her tits for him. He smiled, pleased with her.

“That’s much better Pet. Well done...” he replied, lining his cock up with her lips again...

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