Thursday, 20 October 2011


A thin metal bar, cold against her hands. Her skirt, so much shorter than it needed to be, than it should be. One of her stockings was ripped, exposing the delicate flesh of thigh. The suspenders above the stockings were stretched tight, pressing against her skin so she was constantly aware of how bare her legs were.

Her chest was no better. With the buttons on her uniform undone, her cleavage was blatant, with the faintest hint of a bra adding to the eye-catching spectacle. Every eye was on her, and she smiled. Her other hand found the metal bar, and she started to dance. Her hips were bucking and grinding, her body moving like a wave, pressing her tits, then her stomach and belt, then her hips to the bar.

The men watching howled like horny animals, desperate to touch her. Their moans and catcalls only urged her on, and she carried on dancing. One leg wrapped around the bar and stretched out towards their fingers as they reached for her.

She stayed like that for a few seconds. Her hands on the metal bar, one leg stretching out towards them, one bent slightly, her back arched, her dress falling as open as it could, exposing her body to them. Then, she pulled back, moving away from the metal, and from her audience, and danced again. Her breasts bounced and jiggled, one hand was running through her long, dirty-blond locks as her hips spun in little circles and her body swayed and moved to the music.

She swung her head down and round so her hair hung over her face like a sultry beauty, before suddenly snapping it back over her head. She could hear her audience crying out again as she teased them, and so she turned around and bent down to touch her toes. The view of her ass was amazing - legs slightly spread, so the short skirt left very little to the imagination - and they called out to her again. Begging her to come nearer, now.

So, she did. Dropping to her knees and crawling slowly towards them, she could see the hunger and the lust in their eyes. They could see straight down her top, and she paused crawling towards them for a second to stroke her fingertips over the gorgeous, perfect globes of flesh. Her perfume wafted towards them in the dingy room as she got closer.

Rising to her feet, she walked all the way up to prison bars, pressing herself against them, staring one of the prisoners in the eyes.

“You have the right to remain silent. So shut the fuck up and watch...”

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