Tuesday, 18 October 2011


The night was cold and dark and quiet, except for the occasional hoot of an owl overhead. They could see lights flash by, headlights from the cars, broken by the trees. They had pulled their own car off the road, behind a thin screen of trees, where they should be hidden from view.

On the back seat, she shifted over so that her hips were above his. His hands cupped her ass, and she grabbed the headrest of the seat in front, lowered her hips slowly, his hands guiding her onto his cock. Her gasp as his cock pushed up to kiss her cervix filled the car, made even louder by the the comparative silence of the world around them. He grunted slightly, pushing his hips up towards hers, driving his cock deep into to warm, liquid heat of her pussy.

It was cramped in the little car, but there was just enough room. Reaching up to grab her tits through her shirt, they started to move in unison. In and out, his cock moved easily, shining in the gloom with her juices. He’d always known his girlfriend was a slut, but he had never realized she would enjoy public sex so much; her thong, still clutched in his hand, showed that she had been wet long before she coyly suggested pulling into the layby to ‘check the suspension’. Smiling, he put her thong into his pocket, and let his hand slip to her silky-smooth stocking.

The car creaked as it bounced on the wheels, but they didn’t stop. They barely heard it - their various moans of pleasure formed an erotic melody, with the slapping of their bodies as a backing track. That song of lust and lechery drowned out all the noise around them.

“Oh, damn, you feel so good inside of me” she told him as she fingered her own clit. He grunted back, pulling her ass cheeks open and starting to tease her tight backdoor with a finger. But it was all too much. She had been teasing him for hours, stroking his leg in the car, and he had been much too turned on for too long. With a final, low grunt, he came.

She giggled, slamming her hips down against his so he was fully inside her, to reduce the mess. His cock swelled, and then started to throb, pulsing rhythmically, expanding and contracting as his thick load was pushed deep into her. She rocked her hips on his cock like a stripper, her chest and stomach moving like a wave as she did. She turned her head as best she could, trying to kiss him as he came.

She sat in his arms, feeling his warm seed and warm, softening, cock inside her for what seemed like hours before a loud tapping noise punctured their blissful moment.

The tapping of the base of a flashlight, against the steamed up glass of the window...

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