Sunday, 30 October 2011

Peep Show

She couldn’t see their eyes, but she knew they were watching. That was the point. She took a deep breath, her breasts rising - to the delight of her audience - as she stepped forward, towards her co-performer.
They were dressed in matching lingerie - small, pale pink cups sat just under their full, round bosoms, with black lace climbing up, teasing the audience by hiding their nipples and some of their cleavage. The thongs were similarly enticing, with thin strips of black fabric disappearing between pert ass cheeks, and small bows over their pelvic mounds. Each of the girls were wearing long hold-up fishnet stockings and black-leather high heels. The final touches were small spiked collars, with their stage names on dog-tags. The two most popular girls in the club - Jasmine, the raven-haired beauty, and Krystal, the peroxide-blonde femme fatale.

Jasmine stepped towards the chair that Krystal was sitting on, dancing to the tinny music being piped into the small space. Her hips swayed, then swung in a grand circle so she was facing away from her partner. Gently bending her legs, she lowered her pussy to rub on Krystal’s leg, before slowly slipping backwards until their hips met.

Her dancing was half-hearted, but she was sure that the audience would enjoy it. Especially when she turned to face Krystal, sitting on her lap, grinding her pussy on her friend’s stomach.

Jasmine moaned softly to herself as ten blood-red nails scratched at her back, as ten soft finger tips traced up her sides, over her breasts, behind her. She felt soft lips against hers, a tongue pushing gently between her teeth and flicking around inside her mouth.


Jasmine held her breath as her bra clasp was undone and the skimpy lingerie pulled away, and that hungry mouth found her nipples.

Licking, sucking, biting...

Krystal pushed, and Jasmine, still wet and moaning from the nipple-sucking, stood up and stepped backwards/ Her legs were shaking and she felt unsteady in the heels, but that feeling wasn’t to last long. It only took Krystal a few moments to pull her thong down her legs and kick it away, followed by Jasmine’s thong, and then Jasmine herself, pulled down by her hair to join the discarded thongs on the floor.

Jasmine felt completely dominated as Krystal ground her hips down, demanding attention for her cunt. Jasmine reached up, pulling Krystal’s pussy open, and started to push her tongue inside her friend’s hairless snatch. Krystal whimpered as her partner started to tonguefuck her, and in return, licked and gently sucked Jasmine’s swollen, throbbing clit.

They stayed like that, sixty-nining on the floor, for ages, building each other up, trying to force the other to cum. Krystal kept grinding her pussy into Jasmine’s waiting mouth, over and over, moaning louder every time, until suddenly, she pulled away, spinning around to face Jasmine. They kissed again, deeper this time, tongues trading Krystal’s flavours, but then Krystal pulled back from that too.

Jasmine saw the glinting in her friend’s eye too late. Then, she felt the hand on her neck and the fingers in her pussy. One finger, then two, as the hand on her throat squeezed slightly.

“Mmm, fuck... Krystal...” she managed to whimper despite the choking. The fingers inside her felt a little cold, but that only made her pussy squeeze a little tighter. Jasmine whimpered again: the oral had pushed her close to cumming, and those fingers had her on the edge.


Her lip quivered. She felt the fingers around her throat more intensely now, pushing into her neck, cutting the blood reaching her brain, to improve her orgasm.

“Kryst... stopp...” she panted. The blonde girl giggled, and Jasmine felt another finger slide into her already dripping cunt.


Panting... Choking... Fighting... Cumming.

Her orgasm was even more intense than usual - she didn’t know if it was because of the excitement of being masturbated over by a dozen faceless horny men, or because she was being choked, or because Krystal’s fingertips kept gliding teasing over her g-spot even as the walls of her cunt clenched in on themselves.

The colours faded from her vision and everything went blurry. Flashes of light burst before her eyes as her entire body shuddered over and over again in the throes of ecstasy on the floor.

By the time Jasmine finally came round, Krystal was sat, gently rubbing her juices across Jasmine’s stomach, and sucking her fingers as if they were ice-lollies. She smirked at her brunette bitch, and spoke loudly so every one of the unseen voyeurs could hear.

“Now. You didn’t make me cum. So I’m going to go and sit in that chair, and you’re going to crawl over to me like a good bitch, and lick my pussy. And remember... you’re on show...”

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