Friday, 7 October 2011

Obligation (Part 1)

She was sat on the sofa watching crappy TV shows when He came through the front door, returning home from work. She had lost track of time, and the volume was far too high. That’s why she didn’t hear Him come in through the front door. That’s why she wasn’t in her assigned position, kneeling in the hallway to welcome Him home.

She was dressed correctly, certainly, with the double strap leather collar on her neck, the leash attached to the thick ring in the front, and the black latex minidress and stockings. Her cunt, as ordered, was bare and exposed, ready for use. Her nipples were underneath the dress - partly because he could pull the latex down if he needed her tits, but also because He knew the material chafed her sensitive nipples a little, and he wanted her to be constantly eager to be naked for him.

Strolling slowly into the lounge, He watched her for a few seconds before clearing his throat. His slave panicked, trying to turn off the TV and get to her knees, and apologize, all at the same time. Instead, she managed to throw the TV remote to his feet and stumble slightly. He smiled coldly at her, bending to pick up the remote, kissing her on the forehead as his lips came into range. Then, standing tall once more, He flicked the TV off and tossed the remote casually onto a nearby sofa.

“What are your instructions, regarding welcoming Me home, Pet?” His tone was even, calm, and it brought a shiver to her spine.

“I am to wait on all fours for you, and welcome you happily, Master.”

“And why didn’t you, slave?”

“I... I don’t know Master. I must have lost track of time...” she murmured, flushing scarlet. He nodded, watching her like a hawk for several seconds, and then brushed past to sit down on the sofa.

“Go and get the leather spanker” He said before placing his feet carefully on the freshly cleaned coffee table. Her eyes widened in horror while his shut for a moment’s rest, but He knew how she would react.

“Do as your told, slave. Or I might have to punish you in other ways. Or just find a more reliable pet...”

She scurried away on all fours, holding her leash in her mouth. He made that threat occasionally, and although she didn’t really think He would abandon her, she didn’t want to find out. She felt safer here than anywhere, and she was a true sub, who yearned to give herself to a deserving Dom. Even so, she had done wrong, and she knew she must be punished.

She returned to him as quickly as she could, carrying the large leather spanker in one hand as she crawled. It was an impressive instrument, long and solid and painful, without being overly damaging. She’d been spanked more than once before, including a particularly memorable time before He took her to a family dinner. That had been one of the most uncomfortable experiences of her life, and she had had a healthy respect for this spanker since. He knew that, and He used it to his advantage.

Reaching out and carefully taking the spanker from her without actually touching her, he motioned to a large empty space near the middle of the room, and she crawled into position. Raising her hips high, and lowering her head down to the ground, and tugging her latex skirt slightly up her body to expose her ass.

He sat forward on the sofa, stroking the spanker over her ass, occasionally rubbing it on her cunt.

“How many?”

“I think I deserve fifteen, Sir” came the reply, muffled slightly as she was resting her forehead on the ground, speaking down and away from him. Her palms were resting on the floor, on either side of her head. He was surprised; he had expected her to say ten, or five perhaps if she were feeling lucky. Even so, he was pleased she was learning to serve him diligently, voluntarily, and with so little resistance.

“Fifteen it is then. Each cheek...” He repeated, raising the spanker and bringing it down on her right ass cheek. A loud and satisfying slap filled the room, and then He moved to the left cheek, giving it a firm spank. He started relatively light at first, getting harder and harder with each pair of strikes.

Slap... slap... slap...

The noises filled the room, a few moans or whimpers from His slave as He kept spanking her, regular and increasingly powerful smacks thudding into her tight, pert bottom. Her cheeks were glowing red now, and He could tell without touching her that the skin would be burning hot, and incredibly tender. Raising the spanker above his head, He brought down two final blows with the spanker, eliciting a small gurgled scream as she failed to entirely contain her emotions. His job complete, He stood, and moved around to crouch by her face,

“Have you learnt your lesson?” He asked, quietly, his hand on her chin.

“Yes Master” she nodded, her voice quiet, broken of any hope of defiance, completely devoted to Him. He leant in and kissed her forehead again, but more tenderly and affectionately than before.

“Lie on the sofa. Your head hanging over the edge” He told her. He stood back to watch her get into position, the spanker hanging idly from his hand...

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