Sunday, 16 October 2011


He grabbed the shower-nozzle and pointed it at the top of his head. The water cascaded down, drenching his hair into thin spikes flattened against his head. He loved the warmth of the water, and he stood there, with his forearms resting on the tiled wall, enjoying the sensations of a shower after a long day.

Suddenly, the thick glass door opened, and then swung close with a loud, reassuring thud. He felt hands on his back, moving around to his chest, and then up to cover his eyes.

“Guess who” he heard a feminine voice trill from behind him, playful and horny at the same time. He straightened up from leaning on the wall, and felt her hands move to his shoulders - she wasn’t tall enough to reach his eyes when he stood upright. Smirking, he turned around and let his hands drop to her hips.

She was already soaking wet from the shower. Her hair stuck around her face like a picture frame, with drops of water shaking off her nose and cheeks as she giggled. Her nipples were ever so slightly hard, which he knew must be from arousal and not from cold. Her skin glistened from the water and he could see miniature rainbows flash around her occasionally, when light shone through the streams that ran on her skin.

He grabbed a hold of her hips, and lifted her into the air until her pussy rubbed on his midriff. The mere sight of her was getting him horny, even before she wrapped her legs around his waist and reached down with one hand to play with his balls. She leant in, her mouth finding his, and she kissed him passionately.

It wasn’t long before she was whispering in his ear, begging him to fuck her, but he had to tease her for a minute first. Instead of sliding straight into her slick mound, he pushed her hard against the wall, and pressed his cock between their bodies. Bending his legs a little, up and down, he managed to slide his cock, grind it, up and down her pussy lips, pressing on her clit.

“No, please, just fuck me. I need you so bad” she whined, pouting and frowning at him. Her arms were as tight around his neck as her legs were around his waist, and he could feel her body tensing, straining as she tried desperately to get him inside her. He stopped for a moment, holding himself, and her, very still and enjoying the jets of water on his bare flesh for a few seconds.

Then, he stepped back carefully, lifting her up and away from himself, and then gently lowering her body until his cock sank all the way inside her. With his hands on her ass, he could lift her up, and lower her again, over and over, fucking her gently standing up. He was so deep inside her, she almost came from the first thrust, but she managed to hold on.

She started deep into his eyes as the water splashed noisily on her back, and she smiled.

“So, fuck me already...”

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