Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween (1)

The lights strobed in time with the deafening “Wub wub” of the music. Some dubstep track she had never heard of, and didn’t really like - it wasn’t important though, and it was easy to ignore tonight.

Her costume had caught the attention of almost every guy in the room - the strappy top with only velvet covering her ample breasts, the tight leather body that fitted snugly to her sides and down to her hips, the fishnet stockings leading down to the knee-high black leather boots, the collar around her neck that hinted at hidden naughtiness and the cute little hat, perched precariously on her head. She was meant to be a vampire, and she had played the part as she danced seductively, occasionally running her hands or her teeth over one of the many admirers she had.

He had caught her eye immediately, the long red Spartan cloak swirled around his muscular torso, and the small, tight boxers he wore underneath. She couldn’t help but marvel at the audacity of showing up semi-naked to a club. She approached him, slightly drunk, and grabbed at a firm, bulging bicep, pulling him to the dance floor.

Without wasting a second, she draped herself around him, just like his cloak. Her fingers dug into the muscles of his shoulders, and she ground against him, her breasts pushing against his bare pecs and her panties rubbing on his leg. His hands found her hips, and his lips found her neck, and they danced erotically against one another in the dark, under the random pulsing lights of the club.

It didn’t take long before her thong was dripping wet with excitement, and she moved her lips to his ear.

“Let’s go somewhere more private” she told him, grabbing a hand and pulling him after her. They crashed through the heaving crowds into one of the corridors off the main room, and she turned. He was already there, right behind her, pushing her against the wall, groping her tits, thrusting his bulge against her, under her skirt.

She moaned hard as her hands dropped to his boxers, fumbling at the button on the front. It took a second or two before she had it open, and then she was pulling her thong to one side.

“Ahhhh...” a short, surprised, pleasured gasp as she felt him slide easily inside her. He moaned a little, one of his hands pulling at the top of her dress, exposing a nipple, and he started to greedily suck on it. She moaned and whimpered, little gasps and yelps escaping her scarlet lips as he slammed in and out of her quickly, sating their animal lust with every bump of their hips.

She lay back against the wall, one leg raised up and curled around him as he fucked her, for what seemed like hours, the pleasure building up inside them both. Occasionally, she would look down, to see his huge turgid dick slipping in and out of her, her own juices slick all over it.

Without even thinking, she bit into his neck hard, her teeth digging deep into the skin, leaving her mark on his. He groaned, the sudden pain blending with his pleasure, pushing him onwards, upwards. Even as he tried to fight it, his  couldn’t take it, and with a final thrust of his hips, he came deep inside her.

She could feel his hot, dirty cum pumping into her pussy, seeping around his swollen, throbbing cock to leak out of her and dribble down her thighs. As his cock swelled and pumped rhythmically, it pressed very slightly on her g-spot, pushing her over the edge. She quivered, and came, her body shuddering and her cunt clenching on his cock as he held her, still sucking her nipple, waiting for her to recover so he could take her home...

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Halloween 4

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