Wednesday, 2 November 2011


She’d never been in the men’s locker-room until today. She hadn’t really known what to expect when she pushed open the door and made her way cautiously inside - whatever she had thought, she certainly hadn’t expected this.

The rows of cold, grey steel lockers and battered wooden benches were as she expected it, but the room was quiet and almost completely empty. As head cheerleader, she had thought she’d come in to congratulate the squad - and especially Josh, the quarterback.

Sighing, she turned away from the empty room, and was about to leave when she heard her name.

“Hey! Katy, is that you?”

She turned to see Luke, the running back, and Josh coming out of the shower, with just towels wrapped around their waists to cover their dignity. They had athlete’s bodies, thick and muscled and glistening with droplets of water. She couldn’t stop looking at them, feeling herself getting more aroused just standing there.

“Hey guys. I just want to come in and say well done. You played great today” she said, turning and leaning on the door, smiling at them, and bending one leg slightly to raise the hem of her skirt.

She couldn’t even remember the rest of what they had talked about, or done. She was too lost in the moment to remember properly. And what a moment it was.

Luke’s cock pressed up against her cervix again, and her moans echoed around the room, and while his grunts and groans were muffled by her nipples, the loud slapping of his hand on her asscheeks as he spanked her were like thunderclaps in the small room.

“Move your hands, dude.” she heard Josh say from behind her. Luke’s hands moved, the fingers that had been digging into her soft bottom pulled away, and after a moment of anticipation, she felt it. The second cock, Josh’s cock, pressing against her asshole.

She could feel everything as he pushed - the moment of resistance, and then the sudden relaxation as his head pushed into her, the slick lube on his shaft, the pressure moving up into her insides as every inch slowly sank into her. With Luke’s cock throbbing inside her cunt, her ass felt tighter, squeezing Josh more as he kept pushing.

Her moans got louder and louder with every extra inch. She felt so full and so wet she wasn’t sure she could feel any better. Just then, Josh’s hips pressed to hers, pushing her body forward, and the feeling of Luke’s lips and tongue fluttering over her nipples forced her, whimpering, to the edge of a huge climax.

“Can you shut her up?” Josh asked, starting to pull out of her ass only to press back in, quicker this time. She felt Josh’s fingers tugging at her lips, pulling her mouth open, and Luke’s hand pressing her thong into her mouth as a gag.

She felt the cocks slamming into her, in and out, over and over. Their thrusts were irregular and uncoordinated, giving her no rest from the pleasure and no way to prepare. Sometimes her ass would be full and her pussy empty, sometimes the other way around. Sometimes, they’d both pull out and she would feel a terrible emptiness, and sometimes, just sometimes, they’d both push hard inside her at the same moment. Her body would strain to deal with the two thick throbbing cocks that invaded her, she’d moan into the gag, she’d quiver between their thick muscular bodies.

They kept fucking her for a quarter of an hour before she came, screaming into the thong in her mouth, shaking and quivering and her pussy and ass contracting in little rhythms on them. They kept fucking her after that, switching position, switching holes, using her body over and over again, mercilessly fucking her until she begged for their warm cum in her ass and pussy.

They smirked at each other, and nodded, before sliding into her for the last time...

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