Thursday, 13 October 2011


The mid-afternoon sun beat down fiercely on the two tanned bodies sat next to each other, huddled closer like lovers on the yellow-gold sands. The beach was quiet that day, although not completely deserted. But they carried on, oblivious to those around them, ignoring the strangers who might stop to stare and instead focusing on one another.

Their pale pink lips were soft and natural, untainted by lipgloss or lipstick, and they kissed hungrily as the sea breeze blew over them. The brunette opened her mouth a little, and her blonde girlfriend pounced, slipping a tongue forward to flick against her upper lip, teasing her before withdrawing. They kept kissing, tongues dancing erotically, toying and playing with the other, never fully engaging, in and out of their mouths in some complex dance.

Then, finally, the brunette girl let her tongue move into her friend’s mouth. A long, sloppy, French kiss by the beach, as her hand moved so she could run her fingers through the long flaxen hair that tumbled all around her friend’s face. She felt a hand moving, moving right to her own breasts, and she moaned as her tits were squeezed slightly through the small bikini she was wearing. Her hand slid down to stroke her friend’s jaw, and she moved, starting to kiss around that glorious blonde hair, up and down her tender neck.

Before they knew it, they each were sliding a hand down their friend’s stomach, to the hem of the bikini bottom, and then past it. They gasped together in unison, and moaned as they started to play with the clit of the woman sat next to them. Fingers rubbed and pinched and circled and teased and toyed and played with the girl next to them, bringing them up to the heights of ecstasy, and then leaving them shuddering and moaning in desperation when the fingers pulled back for a second to prolong the experience.

Her blonde friend smirked mischievously at her friend, and moved her hand down further, cupping her hips, and then pushing a finger against her cunt.

“No, not here, not in public” she gasped frantically. But even as she begged, her friend pushed against her lips; one finger, then two, slid inside her, and she moaned loudly. The crashing of the waves masked the noise well enough that she didn’t think anyone could hear, but she fancied she saw one or two awkward glances in her direction.

“Oh, God, that feels amazing. You’re getting that too, you cheeky sexy bitch” she managed to pant, and her own fingers curled underneath and up into her friend. She could feel the tiny strip of blonde pubic hair tickling at her palm, and she grinned. Her fingers moved easily inside her dripping wet friend, moving to find the sweet spot inside her cunt, to press it, to push against it and force more pleasure upon her.

The blonde girl shifted position, moving onto her knees to allow better access to those sinful fingers that were working on unlocking paradise inside her. She could feel it, her orgasm, getting closer, bearing down on her heavily. Biting her lip, she stifled a moan, and glanced to her friend.

“You’ve done this before” she groaned, her voice almost inaudible above the ocean. The brunette nodded, smirking again, and putting more pressure behind her fingertips.

No-one heard the two young women as they panted and groaned and came quietly; the lapping of the azure waves against the shore hid the noises. A few people saw them, two flushed young women, sucking their fingers on the beach. A few saw them packing up their towels, and heading back to the privacy of their own home.

Only one had seen what they had done, and could guess at what they were going to do, as soon as they got home...

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