Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween (2)

This post is a little bit unusual, but for some reason, I thought it would be hot. I've listed it as a Halloween piece, due to the period costumes - which I happen to love at costume parties. I hope you enjoy this story, and be warned - I may not post tomorrow night. It all depends how my novel goes during the day. As always, please comment, or if you'd prefer to email me more privately,

It was just coming up to twilight, and the setting sun cast a deep red glow over the well-cut trees and the manicured lawns of his garden. He paused for a second to watch the sun sink behind the distant hills, and a sudden beam of light reflected off the pond, a dazzling red spike before night time. Just then, he heard a giggle behind him - his latest conquest. The daughter of the one of the insufferably boring women that his mother insisted he invite to dinner.

When he turned to look at her, she was sat on the grass, tugging at her skirts. A long line of hedges hid them both from the house, and she was taking full advantage of the privacy to remove her petticoats, and pull the large dress - fashionable in Victorian England, but somewhat impracticle - up around her waist. She was young, barely legal, but her eyes had the look of experience, and he could tell that this wasn’t the first time she had thrown herself at someone she had just met at a dance or a dinner.

“What would your Mother think of you like this, fucking a stranger like some East End whore...” he said, unbuttoning his trousers and pulling his cock out. It was still a little soft, not yet ready, and he started to stroke it gently in preparation.

“Oh, bugger Mother. What she doesn’t know...” she murmured in her delightful, sing-song tone, her words abruptly cutting off as she leant forward to engulf his cock into her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue swirled quickly around the tip a few times, and she slurped noisily a few times, her lips working further down the shaft. Then, suddenly, she popped off his length and sat back, pulling her dress up as far as she could.

“Won’t her her.” The way she nonchalantly finished talking as if nothing had happened only made him more aroused, and he dropped to his knees, careful to avoid any grass stains as he did so. He moved towards her, and her hand dropped to his cock, helping to guide him in.

With a loud groan, his cock was inside her. One palm lay on either side of her body, and she curled her own arms around his neck, using him to lift her dainty shoulders and perfect chest just clear of the ground. Her lips were close to his earlobe, and a stream of filth poured from her mouth to his mind, urging him on to more. He pounded her as hard as he could, the repetitive swishing and rustling of their clothes replacing the normal slapping of flesh against lustful flesh.

“Fuck me ‘arder, guv’nah, fuck me like a durtee ‘hore” she moaned, playing up to her role, and he growled a little. His hands moved to her shoulders, pushing her down to the ground and holding her in place as he used her hard. His face contorted into a grimace of effort and pleasure: there was no affection there, just pure lust, a thirst for her flesh, lecherous, aggressive, ardor. Her own face was turned away, radiant with pleasure as his cock filled her with each push of his hips.

All too soon, she could feel his thrusts becoming erratic. She’d fucked too many men not to recognize the feeling, and she turned back to him, to whisper in his ear.

“Pull out. In my mouth.”

It was a simple command, and he was too far gone and too enthralled to resist. Pulling out of the reassuring warmth of her cunt, the cool night air was uncomfortable, and he moaned in noisy appreciation as her warm mouth quickly took the place of her pussy. She bent over his supine form and sucked him hard, and within a minute or two, her talented mouth and tongue were rewarded with a thick, creamy load of cum. She showed him proudly, and then swallowed it all down in a quick gulp, before turning her attention to putting her petticoats back on.

He lay back, watching her through his blissful post-orgasmic haze, and resolved that she would definitely come to his next dinner party.

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