Monday, 3 October 2011


She sucked hard, her lips forming a tight O halfway down his thick, throbbing shaft, and he thrusted gently into her mouth. The butterflies in her stomach seemed to be multiplying, but she couldn’t hold off for much longer. With a deep breath, she pulled back from his cock, her tongue fluttering over the small slit in the tip for a second before she pulled away entirely, and turned. Her hand paused for a second, and her voice wavered as she asked the question.

“Are you... sure... about this?” she murmured, turning to face him, hope in her eyes. He nodded gently, leaning forward to kiss her.

“A bet is a bet”.

He was right, and she knew it. Turning back to the bedside table, she grabbed the large, black bottle of lube and poured a healthy amount into her palm. Reaching out, she grabbed his cock, holding it delicately as she poured a little more lube onto the throbbing meat. Then, she started to slowly glide her hand up and down him, the movement so natural, so easy with the lube, that her hand started to speed up a little. It took just a few moments before his entire cock was slippery and glistening from the lube, from the small thatch of trimmed hair to the slightly pointed head.

He reached out, cupping her face and kissing her gently again, before slowly and easily turning her around, pushing her onto all fours and delivered a light, playful smack on her ass. She bit her lip, moaning softly and wiggling her hips slightly until he spanked her other cheek. Then, smiling gently at the faint red marks on her body, he started to work.

Leaning down, he kissed her asshole, his lips lingering for a moment before he pulled back. She was fighting to control her breathing, enjoying the sensation more than she wanted to admit, but he could tell even without seeing her face how she felt. Slipping his right hand under her hips, his fingertips reaching her clitoris, starting to rub it as he kissed her asshole again. His tongue slipped out, the tip pushing against the small, forbidden hole, tracing circles around it and over it, nudging into it and falling back when it met resistance.

As he licked her ass and toyed with her throbbing clit, she moaned louder and louder until finally, with a victorious smirk, he pulled back and grabbed the lube. He spread it gently onto her asshole with two fingers, making sure that the whole area was glistening and ready before moving her gently into the spoons position. One hand moved to her thigh, holding it up, as the other hand lined his cock up with her ass.

His cock quivered as he grabbed it, the lube smearing onto his hand. Her asshole clenched against the tip of his cock, pushing against it, clenching as tight as her body could allow it, but eventually the pressure of his hips won out, and her asshole relaxed enough to let him enter.

Her ass seemed to suck him in, a couple of inches of his thick invading organ sliding in easily. They both groaned and he stopped, enjoying the warmth of her body for a few moments as she grew accustomed to him. Then, he pushed again, and started to slide gently into her again.

She was surprised at how much her ass enjoyed it, how both her sphincters relaxed around him, her ass welcoming this. She felt so dirty, so filthy, so kinky; a dirty anal slut for her man. She reveled in it, bucking her hips unconsciously back against his as his pelvis pushed to her fleshy ass. She felt his arm move under her body, and a hand, still slippery with lube, grab one of her tits and squeeze it reassuringly. She smiled, looking back over her shoulder at him as best she could.

Her hand moved to her pussy. Two fingers slid easily into her other hole, pressing on the wall of her pussy as she tried to tease him even as he held still inside her rectum.

“More.” It was all she needed to say.

He pulled back and then started to thrust into her. His hand holding one of her legs up; the other arm grabbing her ample tits; her fingers inside one hole as he slid into the other; his lips kissing her neck affectionately. Their bodies were a beautifully obscene tangle, and they both moaned in pleasure, each enjoying this forbidden exploration more than they thought they would.

It was going to be a long night.

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