Saturday, 15 October 2011


“Hands against the wall. Stick your ass out.” The words cut through all the flirting and all the teasing foreplay like a knife, and she hesitated. Only for a moment though, as his stare made his intentions, and his insistence, very clear. She stood up, moving over to the nearest wall. But even as her palms reached towards the cream walls, his voice cut through the stillness.

“Not that wall. That one”. She followed his finger, and then felt her stomach clench slightly, releasing a few butterflies into her midriff.

“No, please. That’s the wall to my parent’s room. They’ll hear...”

“You’ll just have to stay silent. It can be our little secret...” he replied, calmly. He stood, gesturing again to the wall. She walked over to it, and laid her palms against it. Turning her cheek, she laid her face against the wall, her breasts close to it; her entire upper body pushed against the thin partition, and her hips jutting out towards him.

He walked towards her with a wide grin on his face, and reached out to her body. He traced her arched spine with his index finger, all the way down from her bra-strap to the small of her back, before flattening his hand against her body and moving it to her asscheek. She bit her lip, watching him from the corner of her eye.

His chest muscles flexed as he reached down to his belt, making a far bigger show of it than he needed to. She fought back a moan, watching his thick leather belt slide from the belt-loops, hearing the metallic zipping he undid his jeans, smelt a waft of his aftershave as he leant forward a tiny amount to dump his clothes on the floor.

He moved up to her, pressing his thick cock against her thong and thrusting. She could feel it, the thick, warm organ pulsing very faintly as it slid back and forth on her clit. She gasped a little, looking back at him.

“Please, not here...”

“No. I want you to feel it. I want you to have to fight the noises, so that your parents don’t hear,” he whispered back. “I want you to have to resist screaming. It makes it so much sexier.”

She bit her lip, stifling yet another moan, and nodding her assent. She was too horny, and the constant grinding of his cock on her clit was turning her on too quickly. He smirked at her, and reached out, curling one arm around her side to gently tease her clit, while the other hand slid her thong to one side and guided the tip of his cock into her pussy - just enough that he could hold himself there, without popping out.

She closed her eyes, gasping a little as she felt the opening of her pussy stretching slightly around him. The nerves tingled, and for a moment or two, she couldn’t feel anything else.

Then, suddenly, his free hand reached out to grab her hair, and he slammed his hips forward, filling her entire cunt with his length. She could feel him, stretching into her abdomen, filling her completely, and she couldn’t help it. She moaned, long and loud, before the realization of what she’d done hit her.

“Oh, fuck...” she said, looking back at him in horror. They both stood still, waiting, listening carefully for signs of movement from her parent’s side of the wall.

There didn’t sound to be anything, and with a smirk, he slowly started to pull out, only to slam back inside her hard, daring her to moan again...

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