Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Party Games

The glass glittered in the lamp light as it spun, slower and slower with each revolution. It passed each of them in turn, until finally, it came to rest, pointing at Hannah. They both blushed a little, and Hannah looked around the circle.

“Oh come on, guys, we’re not really going to...”

Vikki laughed a little, still blushing, but clearly more drunk than Hannah.

“Wimp!” she said, dropping to all fours and crawling forwards, towards the stuttering brunette. The guys in the circle weren’t sure where to look - Vikki’s long, smooth legs, her short skirt, or the hint of thong she was already showing as she crawled towards Hannah. Or should they look over at Hannah, sitting cross-legged a few feet away, her cute, pert tits looking fantastic in a lacy black bra, her shirt having come off as a forfeit earlier in the evening.

“Vikki, stop fooling around...” Hannah stammered, blushing even deeper and trying to move, trying to edge away from the predatory vixen bearing down on her. Vikki giggled mischievously, and then she was on top of the other girl, grabbing her arms, pushing her down onto the floor and mounting her. Hannah struggled half-heartedly, but secretly, her alcohol-fuelled libido made her want this, even if she was too shy to say anything.

“Shhh, shh, don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit” Vikki whispered in her ear. She moved one hand to stroke Hannah’s cheek, and then she leant in for a kiss. Their lips met, soft and sensual, just for a moment.

Then, Vikki’s teeth grabbed hold of Hannah’s lower lip, and she tugged gently. Hannah moaned, lifting her hands to Vikki’s crimson-red hair, pulling at it. Vikki pulled back, moaning, releasing Hannah’s lip, and then pushed forward again. Her tongue darted out, flickering over Hannah’s upper lip, and the plunging into her mouth.

Moaning in pleasure, Hannah reacted to the tongue probing between her lips. She relaxed her jaw, opening her mouth and sucking the tip of Vikki’s tongue, teasing it with her own. She was so engrossed in the kiss, she didn’t even notice the hand moving from her cheek, gently stroking her breast, her bra, her stomach, and then reaching the waistband of her jeans.

Sliding her fingers into her friend’s jeans, Vikki nibbled the tip of Hannah’s tongue and waited for her to resist; to her surprise, Hannah just moaned, and pushed her hips up, up towards the fingers sliding over her panties, and started to slide her own hands over Vikki’s skirt. Her hands grabbed the skirt, pulling it up, and then she smacked her friend’s ass hard. The slapping sound punctured the quiet, still air in the room, and she spanked Vikki again, over and over until her red handprint was burned into the pale flesh of her friend’s ass. Vikki pulled back from the long kiss, moaning and pouting.

“Mmm, naughty...” she murmured, leaning in again to let her lips brush Hannah’s flushed cheeks, and her soft pink lips.

Suddenly, all of the people around the circle realized they had been holding their breath, and they breathed out in a loud collective sigh. Vikki finally pulled away, breaking the long kiss, and she looked back at them all. Withdrawing her hand and licking the tips of her fingers playfully, she grinned around at the circle of drunk, horny teenagers in the room.

“So. Who’s next?”

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