Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Guess Who (again).

The cold air from the window ruffled the long white curtain behind her, breezing over her flat, taut stomach and bringing a cute little shiver to her shoulders. The lingerie gave her almost no protection from the wind, but it made her feel unbelievably sexy.
The bra cupped her tits tightly, lifting her bosom up, to the perfect height to push against a man’s chest as she leant in to kiss him, to the perfect height to distract any man or woman who saw her. The panties hugged tightly around her, exposing so much of her flesh but hiding just enough to tease, to stimulate the imagination - the perfect combination of too much and too little. The combination of dark and light colours on the fabric mirrored the contrast of the black lace against her skin, thin black lace that hinted cruelly at what was hidden beneath.

She smouldered gently, ruffling her dark brown hair again and tilting her head slightly to one side. Crossing her right leg in front of her left, she shifting her weight to show off her perfect figure. One hand reached out to rest on a nearby windowsill, while the other hung slightly behind her. The tattoo on her forearm offered a brief distraction from the nubile beauty posing, but it wasn’t enough to overshadow her; it would never be enough.

In front of her, the camera clicked again and again, capturing that image forever, to be endlessly reproduced, admired by millions, arousing countless people she would never meet. She shifted again slightly, the breeze behind her bringing little goosebumps over her soft, milky skin, and she felt proud, even aroused by her own body.

The director called the end of the shoot, and she grabbed a robe, throwing it on and starting back towards her dressing room. Already, she was thinking of her husband, their bed, of how much they would both enjoy this lingerie. Of how long it would take before he tore the lingerie off her body and she felt his weight on top of her as his hips pushed to hers...

First Guess Who Post

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