Friday, 23 September 2011

Guess Who.

Her long, jet-black hair tumbled down past her ears, over her shoulders, reaching the pendant around her neck. The vivid blue lingerie she was wearing was slightly see through, and she knew her tender pink nipples were obvious through the fabric, but she didn’t care. That only made it hotter.

She pouted and posed for the camera, holding her hands up by her ears, fiddling with the bow in her raven hair, bending and wiggling for the fans who would drool over the pictures.  She wondered how many men would jack off to these pictures, how many loads of cum would be shot just for her. The thought brought a soft rose blush to her cheeks, and a pleasant tingle to her shaved mound.

She couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the shoot, and could feel her heart soar when they called time. She threw on the robe provided, and made her way back to her dressing room, slamming the door, locking it, and hunting in her bag. It didn’t take her long to find it.

Pulling out her trusty Rabbit, she threw her robe off and pulled her thong down, letting it fall to the floor, stepping out of it, moving to the chair. Her actions were deliberate but with the speed of desperation, of madness, driven out of her mind by her carnal needs.

She hooked a leg onto each arm of the chair and turned the Rabbit on, rubbing it up and down her labia, teasing herself. Then, with a subtle flick of her wrist, it was inside, sliding into her warm, wet snatch easily. The ears touched her clit, and she quivered instantly.

“Ughh... fuck... yes” she moaned to herself, watching her face in the mirror. Contorted in lust, flushed, still made up from the shoot. Exactly how her fans would see her. That thought only made her even more horny, and she started to fuck herself with the vibe. There was no resistance from her wet pussy - if anything, it was pulling the Rabbit into her. The faint, wet slapping and her increasingly vocal moans echoed in the room; but no-one would burst in, and she couldn’t wait any more.

“Oh God, oh yes, mmm fuck” she whimpered, pushing the ears against her clit and rocking her hips gently back and forth. She sucked a finger, noting how slutty her reflection looked as she did, and then reached behind her, gently pushing the finger against her tight asshole. Her ass resisted for a second, and then opened up just enough for her finger to slide into her.

“Ahhh... fuck...”

A loud whimpering cry, almost unintelligible, escaped her lips as she started to cum. Her juices were running over her fingers, over the Rabbit, onto the chair, drenching everything with her fragrance. Even as her orgasm tore through her and clouded her mind, she noticed that her ass squeezed gently on her finger as she came - something she needed to explore, clearly. Then, another pulse of pleasure tore through her, and she slumped, shuddering and panting, into the chair...

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