Monday, 12 December 2011

Home Alone (2)

They scrambled quickly up the stairs. She was in the lead, and the short skirt did nothing to hide her modesty - she felt his hand on her thigh, stroking gently up and down, his fingers brushing on her pussy as they moved.

She was already wet by the time she reached the landing. The damp spot on her thong tickled against her clit, and she reddened instantly as she felt it. Moving towards her own bedroom door, she was surprised when she felt his hand on her wrist, tugging gently against her.

She turned to him, and felt the back of his hand brush her cheek, and then his lips meet hers as he leant in for an almost ferociously passionate kiss. Back and forth their tongues went, the loud smacking of the kiss puncturing the silence of the house. Then, just as suddenly as he had started, he pulled from the kiss, and smirked.

"Your parent's room. I want to do it there."

She blushed even harder now, thinking of him using her body in that room. For some reason, it felt almost sacred, and the thought of their naked bodies meeting like that, in her parent's bed, was humiliating and arousing, all at once. But his grip was insistent, and despite her protestations he pulled her along, down the corridor and into the room.

He was stripping his shirt off even as he entered the room, and she started to follow suit. The buttons were cold and hard between her trembling fingers, each taking a few extra seconds to pop out, but soon, she too was shirtless. Her hand moved to the clasp of her bra, but he shook his head.

"Keep it on."

Then, suddenly, he was kissing her stomach, his tongue fluttering over the sensitive flesh and even into her belly-button as his hands explored under her skirt. Grabbing her thong, he pulled the fabric down, and she stepped obligingly out of it, before he turned her around, pushing her onto the bed, and pushing her skirt over her hips...

Part One

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