Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas (4)

Gina stood at the window, watching as the car pulled away out of the driveway. The brake lights flickered on for a second, and then off as the car turned with a scrunch and disappeared around the corner.

"Come here," Bea said, already grabbing her around the waist.

Gina was so light in her arms as Bea spun her around and pushed her against the wall. Then, suddenly, she pressed herself against Gina, their breasts pressed against one another, Gina's leg gently rising up to wrap softly around Bea's waist, Bea's damp pussy grinding trapped behind her jeans as she ground uselessly against Gina's equally sopping, equally trapped pussy.

They kissed, over and over. Even when they broke the kiss, it was only to tease one another even more - nibbling a soft lip, or a teasing flick of the tongue against an upper lip or nose. They were too comfortable in one another's arms to dream of being anywhere else.

They did, finally, move to the bedroom. Gina's top formed a crumpled pile in the living room; Bea's was lost somewhere in the bedroom, and they both struggled out of their jeans at the edge of the bed, before tumbling onto the pillows, kissing again.

"Do you think your parents guessed we're more than just room-mates?" Bea asked, her words a hushed groan as Gina kissed her neck.

"Maybe... I don't know. Don't care."

Gina nibbled Bea's earlobe as her fingers pushed insistently against the elastic waistband of her lovers panties. Bea shook her head.

"No, no. No fingers," she murmured, pulling away and kneeling on the bed. Her fingers hooked into that elastic waistband and pulled down. Gina, her lips pulled into a pout now she had no-one to kiss, did the same, and their panties joined their discarded jeans.

They sat on the bedclothes and spread their legs wide. Each girl was a mirror of the other, even down to the blushing red lips of their pussies and the breathless anticipation that filled their faces. Pulling their bodies closer together, their warm pussies met. Gina groaned as she felt her clit slide against Bea's labia, leaking against her swollen button. Bea groaned. She hooked her leg over Gina's and tensed it against the mattress before grinding harder against her lover.

Their lips were dripping wet against one another as they leant in to kiss again. Gina never wore a bra, and her erect nipples tickled against Bea's cleavage. Their clits touched, sending electric fire through their veins for a moment, giving their kiss such passion that both women groaned hard.

Bea felt Gina's leg on her back, pulling them closer together. The pressure on her pussy increased again, and she moaned louder, pulling away from the kiss. Gina sucked Bea's tongue for the instant she could before it withdrew from her mouth, and then Gina reached out to hold Bea

Their hips still moved in tiny, almost imperceptible circles, pushing each one closer and closer to a mounting orgasm. Catching her lover's eye, Gina grinned.

"Merry Christmas, darling. What would your mother say if she saw you, grinding your clit against me like this..."

Bea's fingers dug into Gina's forearms; her pussy was clenching tight, and she started to scream...

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