Monday, 5 December 2011


Short bursts of ragged breath; a fire in her belly; weak legs; arms shaking as she tried to hold on to him; her lipstick smeared and ruined; mascara running; her entire body shaking as she came again.
She let out a long and obscene moan as the orgasm tore through her. She had long since lost count of how many orgasms she had had at his hands, but she was acutely aware of how wet she was - her sweet, tangy nectar leaked from her pussy onto the bed, and the adhesive of the duct tape that held the vibe to her pussy was rapidly losing it's stick.

She felt the tongue on her nipple move in a slow circle, before withdrawing once more, popping slightly as it did. He paused and looked at her for a second, surveying her legs, the large, dark wet patch on his bed. His hands moved over her, to confirm what he saw, and he smirked.

"Having fun? Well, you'll be glad to know, I'm ready again..."

She moaned as the duct tape was peeled away, and then replaced by the feel of his shaft against her clit. He held it against her, rubbing gently up and down, and she moaned again. The lack of vibration was odd, but nothing could replace the feeling of his warm body against hers.

"Legs up."

He grabbed her legs and pulled them up until her legs were pressed on his chest and her knees hooked over his shoulders. He hadn't known she was a gymnast when he moved into the apartment next door, but he had certainly been pleased to learn.

She felt his cock against her pussy, and she was suddenly aware of the warmth of his first load, settled deep inside her. Her neck craned as she went to kiss him. It was almost electric when they kissed, and she felt a shudder run through her body; a second, more intense shudder as his cock slowly parted her pussy lips, and he slid into her.

He went very slowly - a sharp contrast to the passionate fucking she had received when she first came over that evening - but it felt amazing. The plough position he had put her in gave him such depth in her pussy that he bumped her cervix, and the flashes of pain only gave her greater appreciation for the pleasure of his thrusts.

Then, suddenly, the incredible feeling in her abdomen, the fullness in her pussy, disappeared. Looking down and whimpering like an upset puppy, she could see his cock, twitching and glistening with her own juices a few inches from her hips.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. But I was just preparing myself."

He kissed her again, and her eyes closed instinctively. She didn't see it as he pushed his cock to her asshole, but she felt it - the mounting, followed by the sudden surrender and relaxation of her asshole, and the feeling of his cock sinking into her ass.

She had been so wet that her juices had coated her hips and asshole. Essentially, her body had lubed her for this, and so his cock encountered little resistance. Inch after inch, until his hips were against hers and his stomach on her clit, the two naked forms still entwined in a deep kiss as he started to gently take her ass...

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