Sunday, 18 December 2011

Overtime (2)

Pet couldn't stop shaking. Her new Mistress' fingers had been holding steady in her pussy for several minutes - their warm, hard presence teasing against her inner walls and g-spot, shifting unpredictably inside her so she could never fully adjust.

Eventually, though, she just had to ask for mercy.

"Oh, god, please, Mistress, please stop..."

"Shush Pet. I've barely started. Remember, no screaming, no cumming, and no telling anyone. Our secret, yes?"

"Mmmyes Miss..." Pet panted, one hand resting on the table and the other grabbing the hem of her dress. Both of her fists were clenched, her knuckles bone white from the effort. Pet was having to focus hard to keep from cumming, but she couldn't stop herself from twitching and shivering.

At first, that didn't seem to be a problem, as the two were ensconced in a small private booth, hidden from most of the other people in the bar. That, however, wasn't going to last forever.

Pet realized later that her Mistress had reminded her of the rules specifically to try and keep her quiet. Mistress just didn't mention she had spotted a waitress coming to clear the glasses from their table. Pet flushed scarlet as the pretty young woman approached, desperately trying to talk as she used her jacket to hide that hand disappearing under her skirt.

"Hey, everyone OK here?"

"Yes, thank you. Are you OK, pet?" her Mistress said, smiling at the waitress as they briefly spoke only to turn that haunting, teasing smile on her new friend. Pet mumbled a response, and blushed even harder at the use of her new name in front of the waitress.

"Speak up, pet."

The order was plain and clear.

"Mmm, yes, I'm fine thank you," she said, smiling up at the waitress. Her shoulders shivered a little as another convulsion ran through her body from her drooling pussy; the waitress looked a little quizzical, one eyebrow shooting up slightly, but she shrugged.

"OK then. Well, I'm off now - just go to the bar, or call a waitress if you need anything. Have a good night."

"Oh," Miss said, grinning vampishly again, "We will. You too."

The waitress turned and left, and almost instantly Pet squealed in surprise. Miss had a fistful of her hair in her grasp, their faces and breasts pushed close together.

"You nearly gave the game away Pet. That's a very bad Pet. I have to punish you..."

"No Miss, please!" she gasped, begging, pleading. But Miss was firm. The fingers slid from her pussy, still obviously slick and wet, and Miss looked her in the eyes.

"Stand up. Pull you skirt up."

There was a pause, Pet's body shivering and her mind clouded by the sudden removal of the pleasurable fingers. It was like she was addicted to this mysterious woman, and so quickly. Pet would have been frightened. Instead, she was simply aroused.

"Pet. Do as you're told..."

Pet stood, lifting the hem of her dress up slightly.


She complied, and Mistress smiled.

"Pull your briefs aside. No. Not that side. Your ass."

Pet flushed scarlet again - she was starting to think she'd never go back to a normal colour - but then she did as she was told. Almost instantly, Mistress' hand was brushing her ass cheek, and then those fingers were against her tight rosebud.

"Hold still."

There was a moment of discomfort as they pushed in, the same two fingers from her pussy, but then that ceased. She let her skirt drop, but Mistress made her standing, hands resting on the table as this woman started to finger her ass...

Part One

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