Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The sound of another explosion ripped through the room, and more gunfire. Her boyfriend sat in front of the huge TV screen, desperately tapping away on the little plastic controller, almost snapping it in two in frustration as he died again.
She sighed, very bored. Ever since he'd got that damned game, he'd been paying less attention to her, and she was fed up of it. Calling him - again - only got a vague, mumbled, "I'll be there in a minute", as he continued playing his game.

So, she decided to fight back.

Even though it was his flat, she had a reasonable amount of space for clothes in the large bedroom. Turning and leaving him there, she went straight to the bedroom, stripping her shirt off and unbuttoning her jeans as she walked down the hall. The bedroom was a tip - too busy playing his bloody game to even tidy the room, she thought, slightly annoyed - and she picked her way through the dirty clothing to the closet.

Rooting quickly through her underwear draw, she found a purple matching set she knew he liked; it didn't take her long to strip her plain white bra and panties off, and slip into the purple, flowery set. She sat on the bed for a second and unrolled her stockings up her legs, and then padded quietly back down the hall to his bedroom.

 He didn't look up as she walked into the lounge behind him and called his name.

"Yeah, baby, in a minute. I'm just doing something impor..." he said, his voice drifting off even in the middle of a word, as the flashing images on screen distracted him. She watched as he played, waiting until he died again before moving straight in front of the TV screen.

"Baby, get out of the way," he said. Or at least, he started to say - once she was bent at the waist, wiggling her tight, firm ass-cheeks at him, the words dried up. He licked his lips, suddenly not thinking about the game any more - he only had eyes for her.

He stood up, reaching out and slowly stroking her ass, and down her soft thighs until his hand brushed the top of her stockings; then, he stroked back up, over her ass again. She turned and looked back over her shoulder, throwing him a coy smile.

"So you're finally paying attention to me?"

"Yes. Sorry baby, I didn't mean to ignore you."

She turned and pushed him back down onto the couch, mounting his lap. Her pussy was teasingly close, never quite on his lap, but near enough that he could feel the heat radiating there, near enough to drive him wild with unfulfilled desire.

They kissed, a soft lover's kiss, and their hands roamed freely over one another's bodies. Finally, she relented, and started to grind on his lap.

He groaned, thrusting up to her. They kept on kissing.

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