Sunday, 27 November 2011

Home Alone

She was doing the washing up when the phone rang. She called over her shoulder for him to get it: the TV quietened down, and then the ringing stopped. Hearing the chattering murmurs of conversation, she was satisfied, and turned back to the sink.

Her hands were stuck deep in the soapy water when he came into the kitchen. His socks made no noise on the floor, and he watched her for a second before making his way over.

"It was your parents," he told her, one hand gently gripping her throat as the other one sneaked down to her waist. Her school-girl skirt never had a hope of stopping him, and she moaned a little as she suddenly was made powerless in her own house.

He gently squeezed her neck so she knew he was boss, but both of their attention was really focused on his other hand. Sliding gently, almost absent-mindedly, up and down her plan black thong. She went from being calm, domestic and preoccupied with her wet hands, to being agitated, sexual, and unable to think of anything except her dripping cunt.

"What did they want?" she asked him. His two fingers had reached a steady up-down rhythm every few seconds, and his steady toying caress had made her breathless almost instantly. She sighed as he kissed her gently on the back of the neck and along her shoulder for a few seconds.

"They're not going to be back for another hour or so..."

He bit into her neck softly, his fingers squeezing on her throat for a second. He needn't have bothered - her thong had already developed a large, wet spot across the front. She moaned again, louder this time, and felt his fingers curve under her hips to pressed on her thong, pushing the material against her wet lips.

She knew what he wanted, but he was being cruel. At the feeling of her obvious excitement, his hand retreated to the top of her thong, grabbing the waistband and pulling it gently upwards until the fabric was stretched obscenely into and against her labia.

Then, just as suddenly as he had appeared, he pulled away. His hands left her, his teeth left, his warm torso against her back left.

"Upstairs. I want to fuck your ass before they get home."

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