Friday, 9 December 2011


He had told her to keep her eyes forward, and she was trying.

The collar around her neck, with two leashes, one tied to each bedpost, ensured that she couldn't turn around and look at what she was doing. Instead, she had to listen to the faint slapping noises behind her, and guess.

And it was driving her wild.

He could already see the drips of excitement on her thighs, but still he continued to tease her. His hand moved up and down his own shaft, masturbating himself so close to her pussy that the tip of his penis would occasionally rub on her, coating her already slick labia with his precum, and eliciting gentle whimpers of desire from her lips.

His hand reached out to grab her arms, tied behind her back to further degrade and enslave her to him. Very very carefully, he moved his hips closer to her, and equally carefully, her placed his hand against her pussy.

His index and middle fingers were curved around to meet his thumb in a loose circle - an elongation of her pussy. He made sure that the fingers were lined up well, and then gently and slowly, he pulled on her arms as his own hips thrust forward. His veiny shaft slid through his fingers, and began to press against her pussy lips, swollen with arousal.

His purple glans was against her, pressing into her, pushing her open like a battering ram before an invading force. But she was willing and eager - she didn't resist him at all, but eagerly pushed herself back to him until the twin leashes were taut and she couldn't move any more. Her pussy sucked at him, suctioning him in, until his glans and an inch or two of shaft were inside her.

She moaned, whining and trying to gyrate her hips. It was enough for her.

His fingers, curled around the base of his shaft, prevented him from pushing forward too far, and so denied her the pleasurably full sensation that she craved. She wanted to feel every inch of him deep inside her, but she couldn't, he wouldn't let her. She couldn't even beg him to change his mind, as her tongue scrabbled mutely against the plastic ball-gag in her mouth.

He repeated it several times, thrusting and withdrawing, over and over, teasing her. It didn't take long before her body was thrashing from unsatisfied desire, and she was moaning into the gag. He smiled, ready to take it to the next step.

Pulling back very slowly, he waited for a second as a final tease before pushing back into her before. It was only when his cock-head was inside her again, and he wouldn't slip out, that he sated her burning need.

"What did I tell you about staying still?" he growled. At the same time, his hand moved away from her pussy and spanked her hard on the ass, while his other hand pulled sharply on her bound arms. His hips met hers with some force, his cock burying itself as deep into her as it could go.

In a second, she went from a feeling of longing emptiness, to being completely full. The intensity of it caused the first of many orgasms to wash over her. Her eyes glazed over as her pussy clenched on him, and she all but collapsed onto the pillows...

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