Tuesday, 13 December 2011


One hand slid in slow half-circle twists as she slowly pumped his cockshaft, while her mouth moved up and down over the head. Her lips were puckered tight around him, but they were slick and glistening with saliva. Her whole head bobbed smoothly up and down on him as she worked.

Inside her mouth, her tongue was incredibly active. He might not be able to see it, but he could feel it. For a few moments, he could feel the tickling, stimulating touch on his frenulum, but then it moved to press against the slit at the tip of his cock; then, unexpectedly, her tongue would seem to swirl and coil around his cock head, before she pushed him into her cheek and worked just one side with her tongue.

Her technique was flawless and unpredictable, and he couldn't keep up.  One hand rested slightly on his thigh while the other pumped the bottom half of his cock. Her feather-light touch drove him mad everywhere he could feel it.

More than once she had to pull back and stop. She'd look up at him, sometimes with his bulbous head still lolling on her tongue, sometimes letting it fall from her mouth to rest on a cheek. She'd look at him, still gagging slightly from the minor facefuck she'd got as his hips thrust his length into her throat. The saliva and precum would glisten on her cheek, or drip down her chin to her teenage tits, and she'd just look reproachfully at him before continuing.

It was maddening, but the slow, slurping, sensual suck job, and eventually - when she was ready - she worked him over the edge. He teetered for a few seconds, but his orgasm was too powerful to resist, and he exploded in her mouth. His cock spurted like a fountain into her mouth, the jets of cum hitting her throat.

She didn't complain. She sighed appreciatively, closed her eyes and let her head sink all the way down until her lips were pressing to his pubic mound. He cock was so sensitive as he came, and he could have sworn she coaxed a second load from him by swallowing hard on his glans and letting her throat massage him just as his first orgasm was petering out.

Finally, though, he lay back on the bed, panting. His mind was blown, and his balls were well and truly empty - although that didn't stop her gently tickling then with her long nails.

"Fuck. That was amazing."

"Thanks," she giggled, climbing up to sit on his now quickly softening cock.

"What now?"

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