Friday, 16 December 2011


Her boyfriend, George, had been pestering her for months to let him have a threesome; finally, on her birthday, Lucy had agreed but only on the condition that she got to choose third person. George, of course, had readily agreed.

So, they had both got dressed up and hit a sleazy bar: George's shirt kept 'accidentally' unbuttoning itself to reveal his tight pecs, while Lucy's tight-fitting black dress kept 'accidentally' riding up her thighs to expose the tops of her stockings, the creamy skin of her thighs, or the flash of red of her cheap lingerie.

All her lingerie was cheap. Lucy enjoyed having her thong torn off her body too much, so expensive thongs were out of the question. That was if she even bothered to wear panties at all.

Eventually, her gaze fell on the person she wanted to join them, and turning to George, she kissed him softly on the lips before she left him. She danced across the room, slowly edging forwards as her boyfriend watched her.

Lucy's heart was pounding and the butterflies in her stomach were fluttering insistently when she slid into the seat next to her mark. George was not best pleased.

Tall, athletic but not ripped, with a square jaw, short and spiky brown hair, and eminently stylish black clothing that contrasted perfectly with his just-barely-tanned skin, James had been noticed from the second he had entered the bar. Even when Lucy sat down, there was a buxom brunette beauty trying desperately to hold his attention.

James had always liked blondes though, and he was more of an ass man. So when Lucy sat next to him, casually draped a leg across his thighs and deliberately moved one of his hands to her ass, he wasn't too bothered.

"What's your name?"

"James. You?"

"Lucy. So, my boyfriend asked me for a threesome, and I said I would if I chose the person who joined us. Would you like to?"

Lucy had never been shy, but after the alcohol she had drunk, she was horny, and had no inhibitions whatsoever. Between the alcohol on her breath, and the wet spot on her thong, pressed so hard to his leg, James could tell.

His eyes flashed over the bar, and finally he located George, staring at the pair of them with lust and jealously in his eyes. James smirked, and held up a hand in a mocking wave. James enjoyed domination, and now, he had a plan.

Reaching down, James gently lifted Lucy up and off the seat, groping her breasts as he did so.

"Sounds like a deal. Let's go."

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