Thursday, 22 December 2011


The muscles in his arms were bunched from straining against the cuffs, but nothing was going to break them. Similarly, his legs couldn't break the shackles that held him. She had chained him to the chair, and there was nothing he could do.


The voice was mocking. It came from behind him, but he knew her too well.

"Amber, let me go."


The word was simple and forceful, despite the sweet, honeyed voice that delivered it. He felt some goosebumps rising on his arms and a sense of dread. She had never been this forceful before.

"Look Amber, please. I can't be with you. Please, just leave me alone."

"Oh, Richard, you are going to be with me."

"I think my wife might have something to say about that."

"Shush now" she said, finally stepping in front of him. She was as beautiful as ever, her long, soft flaxen hair arranged into a ponytail that gracefully tumbled down her back like a waterfall. Her long legs were bare, her tight ass and full breasts veiled behind matching blue lace.

Her face was made up just as he liked it - thick make up around her eyes, dark red lipstick, and barely a touch of foundation on her pale skin. He groaned, wishing he could resist her, but whatever she had used to knock him out must have included something to keep him horny too. His cock was already beginning to stir, and he seemed to have no control.

She evidently knew that - he could hear it in her giggle. She dropped to her knees and worked his zipper quickly, pulling him out.

"Remember last time I did this?" she said, asking him the question as she placed his cock next to her pretty face.

"Yes..." he gasped. He was already leaking precum, and even her touch was electric.

She didn't even answer him, or ask another question. She slowly, gently licked the underside of her cock, her tongue trailing slowly up to the tip. When she reached the head of his penis, she sucked it, pushing her tongue to the slit at the end and raking her fingernails up and down the shaft very softly. He groaned, tensing in his seat and straining at his bonds.

"Fuck, that's good..."

She didn't bother to answer, just stayed in place sucking heartily. At first, he thought she was going to let him cum, but she suddenly stopped. Then, he felt her hand on him again, and something else, something alien.

When her hands pulled away, he looked down to see a cockring encircling the very base of his shaft.

"What... are you..."

"I'm going to fuck you now. And I want you to last..." she said, grinning at him.

She stood up, bending for a second to pulling her thong down her legs and pick it up. Then, she very carefully balled up the moist fabric, and pushed it into his mouth, before daintily mounting him and stroking the liquid heat of her snatch on the tip of his glans...

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