Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas (1)

They crashed through the door still kissing, their hands pawing at one another desperately. His loins were on fire and hers were dripping wet, and still they kissed sloppily, their tongues entwined.

She kicked the door shut behind her, and it banged loudly. The sounds of the party would drown it though, and no-one would hear - just as the sounds of the party would drown out the slam. No-one would notice they had left, and no-one would hear them in the secluded office tucked away in the corner of the building.

The office was small and sparsely furnished - little more than a desk, a chair and a filing cabinet stood there even though the office was well sized. They broke the kiss for a second and looked around.

"Desk or floor?" she whispered, leaning in to kiss his neck.

"Uhh..." he said, his brain so addled with lust he could hardly think. "Floor. Desk is too cluttered."

He dropped to his knees and grabbed her ass. Then, his fingers grabbed the zipper of her skirt, pulling it down so that the fabric relaxed and slid to the floor. He was confronted immediately with her tight pussy - her black thong was in his jacket pocket, as he had made her take it off earlier in the party. Nothing was stopping him from doing whatever he wanted.

She moaned and whimpered as his tongue found it's target. Her hands worked on her shirt buttons, and within just a few seconds she was naked from save for her demure hold-ups. She stroked her fingertips through his hair softly, and tried not to scream her pleasure and desire to the world.

"James, for fuck's sake, you know I'm dripping. I have been all night. Just fucking fuck me already," she panted, pushing him away and dropping to her own knees. Her hands were on his shoulders, managed to push his torso back enough that she could lean down to his thighs.

Unzipping him, she pulled his cock out, thick and throbbing and a deep shade of pink. Her tongue flickered over the tip, and then she pushed him backwards with more force. It was far too much effort to undress him, so instead she climbed onto his lap and let her fingers work on his buttons as she slid gently onto his pole.

James looked up at her, groaning in pleasure as that forbidden vision of beauty pushed herself onto him. Her body was magnificent in the pale cracks of lights that flickered through the blinds, and his hands found her hips, helping her to rise and fall on him.

"Oh, Vikki, you're so beautiful."

She smiled back, her hands stroking his chest as she rode him. Even though they hadn't been at it for long, they had been teasing one another all through the office party. He could already see her pearl-white teeth nibbling her lip so he knew she wouldn't last for long. Gently, he pulled her shoulders down to his chest and kissed her deeply on the mouth to silence her moaning.

She didn't even stop as she came on him. Her rhythm didn't even slow, her hips rocking on him and her clit throbbing petulantly every time his cock started to withdraw, only to tingle with pleasure when he filled her again.

When she had stopped cumming, his mouth moved to her tits, sucking each nipple in turn. They remained like that, making sweet love in the empty office, the slapping of their bodies and the slurping of his mouth the only noises.

Finally, though, he couldn't take it, and rolling her over sideways, he pressed himself onto her and into her. Her legs were splayed around him in a wide V shape, and the position gave him such depth in her pussy he bumped her cervix with every thrust.

"Fill me, James. Fill me the way my husband won't. Use your seed to mark me as your own..."

She held him tight and they kissed again, a final time, as his hips pressed hard to hers, and his cock gushed into her womb.

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