Sunday, 4 December 2011

Overtime (1)

Her fingers traced slowly over the purple briefs. She could feel the swollen lips that pressed back against her fingertips, and she smiled, moving her fingers up to the clit.

It felt so good, those fingers on her clit. She shuddered, trying to stay completely silent. She couldn't help it, and a few squeaked moans escaped from her.

"What did I say, Pet?"

"Sorry Miss. But your fingers feel... so good."

She blushed as she admitted her rapidly building lust to a woman she had only met earlier that night, but her new Mistress made her feel OK. Leaning over, and kissing her cheek softly, she stroked her Pet's side as her fingers drifted in lazy figure-of-eights on her panties under the table.

"It's fine. The bar is loud enough that no-one heard, but if you do it again, I'll have to punish you."

"Yes Miss. Thank you."

Pet leant over and gently kissed her Mistress' neck. She was new to this, and wasn't sure of where the boundaries were, but she knew that she would soon be taught them. As she sat back and sipped her drink, trying not to moan as those warm finger tugged her panties against her clit, she thought.

She thought about how differently the night might have gone. She had got dressed up, in a nice LBD, wearing nice lingerie, and special high heels. She had come out to this scuzzy bar, just because it was near her boyfriend's work.

If he had come out of work when he was supposed to, she wouldn't have been alone when that gorgeous blonde walked in. She wouldn't have looked over, and caught her eye. That gorgeous woman wouldn't have come over to buy her a drink. They wouldn't have got talking. She wouldn't have admitted she was bicurious and submissive. She wouldn't be sat in a booth, calling a stranger Mistress, and she wouldn't have that same woman's fingers sliding on her stomach.

"Tell me Pet, what are you thinking?"

The words punctured her thought bubble, and she blushed, turning to face that pretty, smiling face.

"I was thinking about how we met, Mistress."

"Silly. We only met an hour ago, Pet."

"I know. But it's been a strange houahhh!"

Her voice skyrocketed as those wandering fingers pushed down past the hem of her briefs. Two fingers curled under to touch her clit, and she bit her lip, staying quiet again. Her hips instinctively tried to pull back from the warm, probing touch that she knew was forbidden, but she couldn't escape. The back of the chair held her in place, and so she found herself accidentally rocking back and forth on the fingers.

"It's going to be a strange night, Pet. Hold still, and don't scream..."

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