Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas (5)

The fur-trimmed hemline of her scarlet dress, separated from the fur tops of her black boots by only a few inches, barely covered her ass at the best of times. Right then, though, her hand was holding that skirt up to let him see her pert bottom - and to prove that she really wasn't wearing any panties at all.

"Well, do you like it?"

He gulped slightly, nodding hesitantly.  Sat on the sofa as he was, he couldn't do anything but look at her for the moment, but the bulge in his pants was a clear symbol of what he wanted.

"Yes I do."

She strolled over to him, smirking, and mounted him. Each of her soft thighs rested on the outside of his, his own legs spreading hers obscenely. Her pussy hovered above his lap for a moment. She looked down, and he looked at her face - the little slutty smirk and the tiny pearly-white teeth nibbling her lip, the thickly made-up eyelids that hovered over her eyes, the sultry lock of hair falling across her face.

Her eyes snapped back to focus on his. They twinkled, and he knew what was coming a split-second before it happened. His hands moved to her hips, and then he groaned.

"Fuck... don't do that..."

"Do what? Grind my pussy on your bulging... cock..." she said, accentuating the final word lasciviously.

"You know what I mean. Don't stain the suit with your dripping cunt..." he replied, equally obscene and equally dirty. His hands had moved around from her sides, pulling at the dress and placing themselves firmly and insistently upon her asscheeks. Gently pulling them apart, he managed to just place the tips of each middle finger against her asshole, teasing it: in response, he felt the telltale bump of her clitoris push harder against him now, and they both groaned slightly together.

"Shut up Santa. I'm still not talking to you, since you put me on the naughty list."

"Well," he replied, lips dancing teasingly across the exposed flesh of her neck. "You are dressed like a hoe... hoe... hoe..."

It was corny, and he knew it, but both of them were too drunk, and too horny to care. Her legs spread very slightly more and her full weight pushed her eager snatch against him now. He could almost feel the folds of skin, and he could definitely feel her moistness.

"Oh please. You still want to fuck me."

He nodded, and she grinned. Pulling away, she stood up and turned around, only to bend at the hip. Spreading her asscheeks wide, those hips wiggled gently.

"So. Where do you want?"

Her hands her on her ass again, fingernails dug into skin to expose herself to the man sitting behind her. He didn't answer, but leant forward. Grabbing the tops of her thighs, he pulled her closer, and slowly, carefully, ever so gently, let the tip of his tongue touch her asshole.

She yelped a little in surprise, and tried to pull away, but he had expected this. His hands held her firm, and his tongue licked slow up-down strokes over the tight rose-bud. She had her answer, and after a few minutes of his insistent licking, she was as desperate as he was.

"Oh, god... let me suck you before you do it."

Letting go of her thighs, he quickly sucked two fingers while pointing with his other hand to the empty leather sofa. She obliging got up, on all fours, and grabbed at the elastic band of his suit. It took just a few seconds, and then her own tongue was fluttering over his shaft, his glans, and then suddenly he felt enveloped by the liquid heat of her mouth.

"Ohh... fuck... you are naughty..."

She hummed a tune to herself, the vibrations thundering through his shaft and exposing him to untold levels of pleasure. He worried he'd cum right there. Only by pushing his spit-sodden fingers into the tightness of her ass was he able to distract his mind long enough, and well enough, to stop himself from cumming.

She sucked happily away on his throbbing cock while he fingered her ass, but this was just foreplay for them both and they knew it. He broke the rhythm, removing his two fingers from her ass and standing up.

"All fours. Face the wall... like a bad girl..." he told her. His voice was commanding, and she instantly obeyed. Her hands gripped the leather back-cushions of the sofa, and her hips pushed out expectantly. He hiked her skirt as high up her back as he could.

He planted a quick kiss on the small of her back, and then licked her ass for a second again before lining his cock up. She gritted her teeth in readiness, only to yelp, taken totally off-guard when he spanked her asscheeks hard.

Then he was inside her, pushing slowly against her tight flower. She resisted him at first - if not actively, then passively, her body fighting even if not her mind. But he kept pushing, and she pushed her hips back to his, until finally, his warm hips were pressed against her hot ass, and his cock was completely buried inside her ass.

"Stop... just a second..." she panted, taking a moment to adjust. A few deep breaths later, one hand slid under her breasts, down her stomach, and centered on her clit. Two fingers, strumming away at her own body until she melted. Juices leaked down her thighs, and sweet, sinful music poured from her mouth.

"OK... ready..." she managed to gasp between moans, and he pulled back, only to thrust back inside her. Over, and over and over, very carefully increasing the speed and intensity of every thrust until he was pounding her ass vigorously while she writhed and moaned beneath him.

"Stop... going to turn..."

He stopped thrusting, confused. His eyes could barely believe it, but the sensations from his cock were even better. She turned, one leg thrust straight up in the air like a gymnast presenting to the judges as her body twisted. It took several seconds, but she managed to roll around to face him. his cock never left her body, and the feeling of her ass rotating on his shaft was so intense it was all he could do to collapse on her, and kiss her feverishly.

They started to fuck again, her still fingering her pussy while he fucked her ass. They would kiss or groan filth into one another's ears, their hips bucking eagerly, until finally, he came, pouring his seed into her ass. Even as he came, she began to shudder through her own orgasm, her body convulsing in a sheen of sweat, her ass clenching on his throbbing meat while her pussy clenched on her own fingers.

When it was finally over, they fell into one another's arms. Only when the clock struck midnight did they rouse from their lustful reveries. Staring into one another's eyes, they both smiled. She reached out, and pulled off his beard.

"Take me to bed Santa, or the real Santa won't come tonight."

"I don't think he'd cum anyway. We've both been naughty."

"Good point. Who cares if Santa comes, as long as we do. Take me to bed."

He nodded, reaching down and picking her up, carrying her through to the bedroom, his semi-hard cock still deep inside her ass...

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