Sunday, 6 November 2011


She had flicked off the lights in her room, but the moonlight pouring in through the curtains and the light from outside the door bathed the room in a soft romantic glow. She took his hand, leading him to the bed, pushing him down to sit on the edge before climbing onto his lap.

She kissed her, soft lips and wet tongue dancing playfully over his mouth and neck as her hands undid the buttons on his shirt. Her hands pulled the fabric away, tickling his skin as she did, and her lips moved down his broad torso to his nipples.

He sighed in anticipation, letting his own hands undo her miniskirt; he pulled her tshirt over her head, forcing her to breaking the kiss for a second. Slowly, carefully, sensually, the two lovers undressed one another, delighting in the feel of one another’s bodies so close together.

She could see how hard he was through the thin cotton of his boxers, gripping and feeling the throbbing cock in front of her through the material. As she pulled it away, his dick sprung out at her, making her squeal as it suddenly bounced out and gently tapped her on the head. He laughed, but only for a moment, as she was already pushing him backwards, and climbing up on top of him.

Her fingers made his skin tingle slightly, as she reached between her legs and grabbed the thick base of his cock. She kept eye contact with him, staring him down. He blushed, confused about why he felt so turned on by her stare, but just them, he felt her pussy relax slightly, and his girth slide into her.

She was dripping wet, from the constant teasing all day, and so tight. He could feel every ridge, every glorious inch of her sopping pussy, accepting him. It was almost a disappointment when their hips met, his cock pressing up close to her cervix, and he stopped moving inside her. It was like torture - delightful torture, as she sat on top of him, perfectly still.

She smirked down at him, her eyes still on his as her fingers trailing lazily up and down his muscled chest. Her hips were pressed hard to his, trapping his body between the mattress and her flesh. Try as he might, he couldn’t pull away from her, or push up further into her - his cock was stuck inside her warm, wet pussy. He groaned again. Completely unmoving, she was teasing him him with her body and her stillness.


His voice was a whisper, and she could hear the desperation and the longing there. His hands were on her tits, still encased in the black lace bra she had been wearing earlier and forgotten to take off. She shook her head, tempting him, pushing him, wanting him to force her to give him more.

His hands were on the clasp of her bra, then the fabric fell away; his hands were on her hips and his mouth on her nipples; his hands on her ass now, clenching tight and trying to lift her, but she resisted.

“Please,” he said again.

“Make me,” she said, her voice whispering the challenge back.

She was stunned by the sudden movement, gasping in pleasure and surprise as he rolled both of their bodies sideway forcing himself on top of her. His body felt heavy pressing down on her stomach, but that only made her even more aware of his cock, hot and pulsing with the rhythm of his heart, inside her.

He moved one her legs, pulling it up so that it hooked over his shoulder. Her thigh was sat between their bodies separating them, forcing him to lean in to kiss her. Her other leg folded around his waist and he could feel her ankle pressing into his ass-cheek, pushing him deeper inside.

“So? What now stud?” she said quietly, smirking again. She was fighting back a moan already - the new position gave more depth with each thrust, and she knew from experience that his cock would push her g-spot with each thrust. He smirked back, comfortable in the knowledge he had full control now.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to cum. And then I’ll fuck you some more” he growled in a mock threatening tone. Her eyes closed, and she arched her back in pleasure as he pulled halfway out of her, before slamming back in as hard as he could. She whimpered a little in pleasure and quivered underneath him like a vibrating doll, and for several seconds, he contented himself with kissing her neck, waiting for her to calm down.

Finally, she managed to control the pleasure she felt, and her head straightened up. He pulled back, and their eyes met again.

“Fuck me. Harder. Fuck me ‘til I scream your name. Promise me you’ll fuck me that hard.” she whispered. His hands moved underneath her back, and he grabbed hold of her shoulders, pushing her body down to press his cock even further inside her. She moaned again, and her eyes shut involuntarily.

“Promise” he said, taking a deep breath, pulling his hips back again ready to thrust...

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