Thursday, 10 November 2011

Horizons (4)

This is going to be the end of this little saga. I did think of a way to end the scene slightly better, but it ended up making the whole scene alot darker. If anyone wants to see that ending, or wants me to continue, either leave a comment, or email me (the email address is

She smirked back at him as best she could while still shuddering through a series of delicious semi-climaxes. Her eyes pointedly fixed on his crotch, and she smirked.

“Depends. Is it true what they say about black guys?”

He raised his eyebrows as if this comment had surprised or offended him. Walking forward a few steps into the room, his left hand swung the door shut while his right worked at his belt. She heard the clinking of the metal buckle, and felt butterflies in her stomach - she couldn’t tell why she was suddenly so nervous, but she was.

With some difficulty, due to the shaking of her legs, she managed to move away from the two mouths that had tasted her sinful, lustful flesh, and she sat on the floor, watching this new stranger eagerly. She couldn’t help but slide a finger into her pussy as she waited.

She gasped when his pants finally fell to the ground. It was huge - even semi-hard, it was five inches and very, very thick. The hand at her pussy went into overdrive, and she licked her lips. He pulled his shirt off too, showing the same rippled muscles that the other men here had, that all manual labourers had, but parts of his chest were criss-crossed with scars. She felt a little fear, but that only served to intensify her sluttiness, and she smiled at him.

“Well, that looks lovely. I don’t get enough dark meat in my diet...” she said, her voice a quiet and husky. He just smirked again, moving closer to her and offering his cock to her waiting mouth.

She leant forward and sucked the shaft gently, nibbling and licking at him. She worshipped this new cock, using her lips and tongue gently on it until it swelled even further, growing harder, pulsing and throbbing, towering over her. She guessed it was about eight inches long, and much thicker than any of the other dicks she’d had that night. Her pussy felt empty even looking at it, and she moaned.

“Fuck me. Please, fuck me.”

She was begging him, desperation clear in her voice. He helped her up, and moved over to one of the empty chairs. He grabbed the base of his penis as he sat, pointing it straight up in the air invitingly.

She didn’t waste a second. Climbing into his lap, her hand dropped down to grab his shaft just below the ridge of his penis, lining him up with her vaginal lips, before sinking slowly down.

“Ughhhhh, fuck!” she moaned. She could feel it prying her open, her lips stretching obscenely to accommodate this. She was so tight, and he was so big, she went slowly, carefully lowering herself down. Her nails dug into his shoulders and her legs ached from keeping her body in place, but she needed to inch herself carefully down.

“Ahhh, fuck, mmm”. She gasped and panted when it was fully inside her, completely filling her. She hadn’t ever felt so full, and she had to stop moving and breath heavily to prevent herself from cumming.

After a few minutes, when she was calmer, she started to ride him. It was slow at first, as even her insatiably wetness wasn’t enough to make it easy. He grunted beneath her.

“Damn, your cunt feels good. Ride me faster!”

He spanked her ass hard, and she moaned in pleasure.

“Ahh, shit.... Yessir.”

She started to speed up, the slapping of her legs and ass on his thighs getting quicker, until she was pounded herself with his thick rod. She felt his hand crack on her ass again, burning a red mark into her skin.

“Oh... yes... smack... me... harder...”

Then, out of nowhere, she felt something push against her ass cheeks. The deep black hands, so contrasted against her pale white skin, pulled her cheeks open and her asshole - still shining with spit - was being pushed on directly.

“What... wait... no, not thuurgmmmm...”

Her words were cut off suddenly when one of the guys climbed onto the table, and pressed his cock past her lips. She was shocked for a moment, and then instinct took over, and she sucked hard, swallowing so that her throat clenched on his cock head, and then bobbing her head back and forth.

She felt her forbidden hole resist for a second or two, and then start to relax. The tip of that cock slipped in, sinking into her spit-lubed ass. She could feel the pressure on her thin inner walls as her ebony lover started to thrust into her from below. She had felt full before, but with every fraction of an inch of cock pressed into her ass, that feeling intensified and multiplied.

“Mmmhmmm, mmmm mmm”

Her words were completely muffled by the dickmeat pressing into her mouth, and she gave up trying to talk. She just focused on moving her body in time with their thrusts and sucking hard like a good whore.

They didn’t even try to co-ordinate their thrusts. She felt pressure in her abdomen going up and down as they thrusted, but there was no pattern. Her ass was getting used to it, and she felt the thrusts speed up. She screamed again, shutting her eyes and cumming hard, unable to move, sandwiched as she was between the three naked, thrusting men.

They powered through her orgasm, thrusting and fucking her like a piece of meat. She kept cumming, orgasms joining up and stretching out, until finally, she was dimly aware of the heat inside her as they pumped warm loads deep into her holes.

They pulled out, lying her carefully on the ground to rest. They weren’t done with her yet.

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