Thursday, 3 November 2011


His lips were soft on the nape of her neck, sensual and delightful. She shivered a little from his touch, enjoying every sensation. Even so, she frowned, and tried to shrug him off.

“Hey, cut it out, I’m busy” she said to him softly, her voice a low whisper. He could hear the words, but he also could hear the lust dripping from her voice. His lips moved slightly around her neck, dancing over her skin, up to her earlobe where he whispered a reply.

“Busy my ass. Solitaire doesn’t count...”

She blushed, partly at him pointing out her procrastination, and partly at the feeling of his wandering lips and hands. She could feel him tugging at her shirt, popping each button out, and letting the fabric fall open.

“Stop it! We’re in the office!”

“And it’s late, and the office is empty. Shut up.”

His voice was less commanding, and more gentle and suggestive. She bit her lip, deciding in an instant to let him have his fun. She was always telling him to be spontaneous, to seize the moment and... well, he was.

He opened her shirt and pulled one of her breasts out of the cup of her plain black bra, his lips latching onto her puffy nipple instantly. She moaned, her nipple tinging as he gently bit it, only to release and let his tongue roll in a circle around her areola. She clawed at the arm of her chair, leaning back slightly and moaning loudly.

“Fuck, damn, you’re good at that” she panted, spreading her legs as far as her skirt would allow, and pushing one of her high-heels against the edge of her desk. Her hand moved down her body and up under her skirt, rubbing desperately at her through her panties. He saw what she was doing, and reached out to grab her wrist, shaking his head.

“Not yet.”

She whimpered, the damp spot on her thong growing larger every second, the already intense sensations becoming overwhelming when he moved his mouth to her other nipple, wetting it and licking it and biting it and sucking it until she screamed. Her hands were on his head, tangled in his hair, just to give her something to do with her fingers other than please herself.

“Please, please, I’m begging you, make me cum. I need it.”

He shook his head again, still toying with her nipple. Their eyes met, and she knew instantly that he was building her up, making her wait longer for a climax so that it would be more intense. She hated him for it, but

He pulled his mouth away from her nipples and moved to kiss her instead. She felt his fingers on his nipples, pinching the already erect pink nubs, and she moaned into his tongue, her pleasure rising yet another notch.

She almost exploded when she felt the bulge in his smart work-pants grinding against her clit. Her back arched, her head leant over the back of her chair, and she moaned again, longer and louder than before. The noise seemed to be amplified in the total silence of the office, and he smirked. Pinching her nipples as he thrusted, he pushed her even closer to orgasm, but pulling away. After a few moments, her body started to relax and she looked at him.

“More... please...”

“Not just yet” he smirked. He kissed her softly once more, pulling his hips away from her and letting go of her nipples, fully intending to prolong the torturous, teasing process as long as possible...

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