Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Her eyes were shut. There wasn't much point keeping them open with the blindfold on, as all she could see was the pitch blackness that Becky had decided she was to look at. So she lay there, letting her mind swirl endlessly, and stretching her arms out gently.

"Stop struggling Lucy."

Becky's voice pierced into her thoughts, and she obediently lay still. The fluffy handcuffs held her in place anyway, but now, she was as still as a statue.

Or at least, she was still for a second or two.

She felt a gentle tickle, something soft on her clitoris - it wasn't a tongue or a finger, but something else. She moaned as it danced over her throbbing love-button, unexpected and unpredictable and playful. She strained her muscles and tried to pull away from it though, the gentle touch so arousing that she wasn't sure she could take it for long.

"Stop wriggling, Lucy! I won't tell you again..."

She could hear the slight edge of frustration in Becky's voice, and she whimpered slightly. A firm hand appeared on her bare stomach, pushing her down and holding her back to the bed. The tickling intensified on her clit, or seemed to.

"Fuck, Becky, please, you're torturing me!"

"I've barely even started..."

The tickling wandered up from her clit to her stomach, dancing over her flesh, to the bottom of one breast, looping to the bottom of the other, to a nipple, then the other, over her cleavage, and back again. Even as the teasing stimulation wandered over her flesh, she felt a second ephemeral touch on her body.

It was a tongue this time, Becky's tongue against her pussy. She had felt that so many times she could hardly mistake it, and she definitely couldn't resist it. Moaning louder, her hips bucked involuntarily, and her whole body tensed and started to twitch a little.


She heard her girlfriend giggling, but she was powerful to do more than moan her name, and beg for more pleasure.

"No Lucy, not yet..."

The tongue and the mysterious tickle both toyed with her flesh, cropping up unexpectedly all over her - even simultaneously attacking both nipples at once. Her trimmed mound tingled under her girlfriend's expert touch, and her sex was dripping on the bed.

"Becky please..." she gasped, her small breasts heaving as she desperately pulled in what air she could. It didn't calm her though, and she was close to cumming hard when the blindfold was suddenly pulled off.

It took a few seconds for her eyes to grow accustomed to the low mood-lighting of the room, and when she could finally look down, she saw Becky smirking up at her from between her own thighs.

In one hand, Becky was holding a long feather, and in the other a bullet vibrator. It started to hum provocatively as she pushed the button.

"I hope you're ready to cum, Lucy."

Lucy took another deep breath. Then, she felt Becky licking her clit, and pressing the vibe against her tight asshole.

Her orgasm was near. She screamed louder, and louder, waiting for it to hit...

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