Monday, 7 November 2011


She pulled on his hand again, forcing him to follow her between the two buildings. Her stiletto heels clattered with every step, and the echoing in the alleyway sounded like gunfire. He gulped a little, but followed her blindly, as always.

Suddenly, a few feet down the alleyway, she stopped and turned, pushing him into the wall hard. He felt his breath knocked out of him as he collided with the brickwork, and then she was on top of him. She pushed her body to his desperately, her arms wrapping around him, her mouth meeting his, her teeth nibbling his lower lip, her tongue pushing sloppily into his mouth, in a passionate, aggressive kiss.

Just as suddenly as she had kissed him, she pulled back, leaning into the warm cradle his hands formed at the base of her spine.

“Hold me up.”

A simple command, and one that he didn’t understand until her hands went under her denim miniskirt, grabbing her thong and pulling it down her thighs. She wobbled on her impractical shoes, and he reached out to hold her up, her thin, lithe body so light as he supported her.

It didn’t take her long to get her thong down to her ankles, and she stepped out of one of the leg-holes, before lifting her leg. Her hand went down to grab it, before she placed her other foot firmly on the ground, her thong screwed up into a ball in her fist.

“Take off your jacket, give it to me” she said, her voice firm. He did as she was told, and she slipped the jacket around her shoulders, turned and pressed her back firmly to the wall. Bending her legs a little, and spreading her thighs, she looked over to him. One of her fingers was pointedly aimed at the ground between her legs.

“Over here. On your knees” she said, pulling her skirt up a little. He barely hesitated, knowing that if he didn’t obey her commands quickly, she would punish him. So, after a quick check to make sure he wasn’t kneeling in anything unpleasant, he dropped down, finding himself staring straight at her bare, shaved pussy.

Her lips pushed out from her hips slightly, and even in the imperfect column of light that shone into the alley, he could see the drips of excitement glistening there already. He could see how swollen her clit was, and the flushed pink of her flesh. But before he could look at her any more, her hands were on his head, gripping his short hair as best she could, as she pushed her head forward.

“Don’t just fucking look at it, idiot” she moaned as she forced his lips onto her. He kissed her pussy, a reflex born from the dozens of times she had done this. His lips met hers, and his tongue slipped out to slide ever so slightly into her, exploring her. She moaned, lifting one leg up to rest on his shoulder. He could feel the weight, but he didn’t mind, too focused as he was on pleasing her.

His mouth and tongue moved to her clit to make way for the finger he was slipping into her tight, wet pussy, probing inside her until his finger found her g-spot. She moaned again, louder this time. He tried to look up to her face, but her shirt hung open his face and all he could see was the underside of her crushed-pink bra.

“More... more... make me cum” she said, whimpering as he kept his rhythm up. He let his teeth graze her clit, his finger push more insistently inside her, and his tongue move around her labia teasingly.

Then, without warning her, he pulled his finger out of her pussy and moved his mouth back down, pushing his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could. His hand slide up the back of her thighs, reaching to her ass. She didn’t feel it until his finger, still wet with the wetness from her pussy, started to move in slow circles around her asshole. She moaned, trying to pull away, but his head kept her in place. She could only whimper louder and louder, as slowly but surely he lubed her ass, teased her asshole, and started to sink his finger into her.

She could feel it move into her ass, each knuckle formed a tiny bump as it pressed in. Normally, she hated anal play, but right now, she couldn’t get enough. More pushed in, and then she felt his hand, push to her asscheeks, his finger fully inside her. His mouth was moving back and forth from her pussy to her clit and back again, shifting so quickly she couldn’t get used to the feelings. And now, he was adding the sensation of his finger, rocking back and forth in her ass, toying with her.

It was too much, and almost out of nowhere, she felt her orgasm hit her. The last rational part of her brain managed to clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle her screams of pleasure, but other than that, she gave in. She felt her pussy flood and leak out over his waiting mouth, her skin tingled, her nipples and clit throbbed, and her ass and pussy clenched hard in protest against the emptiness she felt so keenly. He just knelt in front of her, waiting for her to recover...

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