Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The lace of her bra tickled against her nipples as she slowly stroked her hands over her breasts. They were hard already, straining against the translucent material. He was licking his lips already, and she smiled, letting her hands fall away from her breasts so he could get a proper look.

"Come here, please."

He wasn't quite begging, but he was close. She didn't care though, she needed this as much as he did.

In a few steps, she was standing in front of him, sitting on his lap. His hands stroked her ass the moment she had sat down, and he started to kiss between her breasts. She smiled, grinding very tenderly against him as her arms curled behind her. Pinching the clasp, she let the bra fall open, pulling away from his kissing, sucking mouth and shrugging it off.

His fingers kept sliding over her ass as before, but now, his mouth was on her breasts again. Right, then left, right again, alternating from one to the other, sucking and licking the plump nipples. She moaned, stroking his head and giggling. It was almost sweet as he sucked at her, and yet it felt so delightfully filthy.

She had thought that she was wet before, but that was nothing compared to now. She was convinced his pants would have a stain on them, but she was having too much fun to care. Her hips kept rocking back and forth on him, and his mouth kept working on her nipples.

She was lost in the moment, lost in her own lust, lost in the pleasure he was making her feel, but it still didn't seem like enough.

"Baby... get up."

"What? Why?"

She pouted at him, their eyes meeting even as he continued to nibble at her breasts, his tongue flicking between his teeth to toy with her nipple.

"Please. Lie on the floor..."

She was pleading with him, and reluctantly, he stood up and did as she asked. Even as he was lying down, she was stripping her thong off and kneeling over him, lowering her hips to his face and freeing his cock from his boxers.

Their mouths worked quickly and in unison. It felt amazing, each of them sucking and licking away. Her skin tingled, and she began to feel pleasures surging inside her. Pleasing and being pleased were like a religion for them both, and they worshiped one another's bodies eagerly.

She felt his hands sliding over his ass - he had barely stopped ever since she sat on his lap. But now, his fingers were moving with more purpose and direction, towards her crack. One finger gently pushed to her asshole, teasing for a second, and then starting to circle around it. Even when the finger withdrew, it was only for a second so he could lube the digit with her own juices, only to smear them around on her tight, forbidden rose.

She moaned louder and louder around his throbbing tool, feeling her body shaking as she came close to orgasm. She thought about warning him, but decided not to.

She lost her in the pleasure of his tongue and fingers, while he lost himself in her mouth, each one waiting for the other to cum...

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