Friday, 4 November 2011


So, I realized that I haven't posted a solo scene in a long time. So, here we are.

She noticed the mini-rainbow on the pale wood of the desk and smiled. She loved rainbows. But for the moment, she was busy with other things.

She squeezed more lube out from the little black plastic bottle, lots of tiny irregular blobs all over the surface of the glass. Then, after resealing the bottle of lube and tossing it aside, she took the index finger of her right hand and carefully smeared the lube into a shiny, clear sheath covering the entire surface of the thick butt-plug.

The rainbow was less clear, less focused now, but she didn’t care. Her index finger had moved to her asshole, fingering and lubing her tight backdoor. She kept going for much longer than she really needed to, enjoying the sensations of her finger gliding in and out of her ass with no resistance.

Eventually, though, she knew she had to continue. She carefully wiped her finger, and stood up, her fingers encircling the base of the butt-plug and her other hand grabbing a small hand-mirror. She put the plug onto the floor and the hand mirror next to it, before squatting down. Her left hand reached behind her, steadying the plug and holding it still while she lowered her hips. She could see the tight, wrinkled target bearing down on the smooth curved tip of the plug.

She moaned out loud, a quiet desperate moan, as she felt it pushing against her ass. She pushed her body back harder, bearing down on it, marveling in the mirror as the the glass pushed her ass obscenely wide, wider with every inch. But it was even more arousing to watch as she reached the final lip of the plug. Suddenly, just as her ass was stretched to the widest, fullest extent, her body swallowed the toy whole, closing around it with an almost inaudible intake of air.

She moaned again, dropping to all fours and pressing her fingers experimentally around the base of the toy, pushing it gently a little way in, and then pulling it slightly out. She fiddled with it, toyed with it, exploring her own ass through the plug. But still, she wanted more.

She stood up, and moved over to a desk. Opening the drawer with a jolt, she rummaged quickly inside, and found a mini-bullet vibrator - her favourite. She didn’t even bother to close the drawer, turning immediately around and dropping onto her bed. Her knees felt better on the mattress - better than on the floor at least - and she let her head fall into the pillow. Without looking, she turned the vibrator on to the middle setting, and pressed it experimentally against her clit.

She yelped a little, but after a few deep breaths, pushed it more firmly to her little pleasure button. Her yelps turned to moans, and her moans to screams. It was only the pillow, and her luck that everyone around her was asleep, that prevented anyone from hearing. As it was, she found her spare hand moving to the plug.

She felt like such a whore, kneeling on her bed with her hand thrust between her thighs to please her cunt, and her other hand frantically playing with the plug in her ass, pulling and pushing and turning it in quest of her own orgasm.

When it finally came, she was totally unprepared for the sheer intensity of it. A long, uninterrupted scream, muffled by the pillow, wavered up and down with the contractions of the muscles in her pelvis and abdomen, which in turned pulsed with the beat of her heart. Her mind and vision went blank, her skin tingled, and her body shook like a leaf in a storm.

Her juices ran down her thighs, soaking her body and her bed. She loved it, and kept going, every second of her orgasm a joy and an adventure.

By the time she finally finished cumming, she was exhausted. She collapsed panting onto the bed, just laying there for several minutes. But as she came to her senses, she realized the vibe was still running, her ass was still full, and the room in disarray.

She sat up and turned the vibe off, before rolling forward and removing the buttplug. Then, finally, she stood on her still-shaking legs and walked to the desk, sitting naked in her chair and looking at the computer.

The webcam light was still a steady green, and on the screen, she could read the words from her admirer.

“Fuck, that was hot.”

She smirked, setting the plug in front of her on the desk and leaning forward to lick the tip, teasing him from miles away.

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