Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Horizons (2)

The man on her right laughed softly, and nodded.

“Yeah, we can go somewhere more private” he said, standing up and offering her a hand. She took it, letting him help her up, wobbling unsteadily on the sticky wooden floor as she did so. The gin had affected her more than she expected.

“So, where to?” she asked, smiling for the small gaggle of men around her. The alcohol seemed to have fuelled the fires of her libido, and she was desperate for relief. One of the men at the table pointed to a small doorway near the bar.

“There’s a spare room back there. We play poker sometimes. It’s quiet.”

They were all standing now, six of them in total, every one of them as burly as the last. They wore loose-fitting work-clothes, but she could see their forearms, with knotted muscles and clumsy tattoos and ragged scars - quite the opposite of the refined, sheltered weaklings that her mother would have wanted pursuing her. These sort of men would have been seen as wolves - and she was throwing herself to them without a fight.

She was wet just imagining what was going to happen in that back room. Drips of excitement escaped her puffy wet cunt-lips, running down her legs. She could the moistness as her thighs rubbed together with every step, but as she looked around, she knew that it was her secret. No-one else knew that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and no-one else knew just how wet she was. At least, no-one knew that just yet.

One of the men from her little party stopped to talk to the barman as the rest stooped through the low door and continued down the grubby, narrow passageway. No-one said anything, the echoes of their footsteps in the small space making up for the lack of conversation.

Suddenly, they turned a corner and she found herself in a well-lit room. She was surprised at how large it was, and how sparsely furnished - just a table and a few chairs, sitting below a small window. Not that she cared.

She dropped to her knees right away, looking around her with a smile on her face. The men were grinning too, expectant grins that went with the bulges in their pants. She pointed at the two closest men, her index fingers bending back and forth a few times in a clear signal.

The were pulling at the buttons on their flies as they stepped forward, and her hands found two stiff waiting cocks when she reached out to them. They were thicker than she had expected, and harder too. She curled her fingers around the two shafts, noticing the slight difference in the tempo of their throbs. She was so horny, she sensed everything in more detail - every twitch, every flicker of the lights, every groan of anticipation. She felt so much more alive now than she had before.

Tilting the two cocks back and up, she licked them each one very slowly from the base to the tip, alternating between the two. She kept her touch gentle and used as little of her tongue as she could, teasing them both. Her hands slid easily up and down their shafts, the soft skin on the surface sliding delightfully over the rock-hard inner core of their shafts.

It didn’t take long before she gave in to her carnal instincts, and to a hail of catcalls, she leant over and took the very tip of the cock in her right-hand into her mouth. Her hand kept pumping both members while her tongue swirled in very tight circles on the slit at the end, round and round, pushing against him. She could hear the guy groaning loudly, enjoying the feelings, so she pulled off with a smirk and switched to the other meatstick.

Back and forth she went, head bobbing up and down on one cock before moving to the other. An extra inch would slide into her mouth with each pass, an extra inch deeper into her throat, and all while her hand kept working on the other man.

After a few minutes work, she was able to slide up and down both of the first two volunteers, using her throat to massage their cocks. She wasn’t sure what caused it - perhaps when she was deepthroating one of the guys and she managed to force her tongue out to play over base of his cock and his balls - but she heard a sudden cheer, a high-five, and then she was being jostled on all sides by the small group of men.

Each of them were gripping the base of their cocks, pushing them forward and trying to get attention for themselves. She went in a circle, kissing the tips of each dick quickly, swirling her tongue around the tip before moving on to the next.

Her thighs were soaking, even wetter than before, and she heard more jeers and catcalls when she let a hand slip up under her dress. She didn’t care, too engrossed in the feeling of the meat between her lips and the fingers pressing as deep into her cunt as she could.

She moved around in circles, shuffling awkwardly every time she switched cock. Sucking and slupring on each cock, her chin was soon dripping with her own saliva, just as her fingers were dripping with her own sweet nectar.

She came first, a hard, mind blowing orgasm that left her almost in tears, panting and doubled-over as her hand kept sliding wetly in and out of her. She moaned and panted and screamed as they watched, all of them getting more turned on by the sounds she made.

Finally, when she looked up at them again, she had a new fire in her eyes. They were all so close that when she plunged their cocks desperately into her mouth, it didn’t take long before they were pumping their cum into her.

One load after another, thick, sticky loads filling her mouth: she didn’t even swallow, just switching from one cock to the next in rapid succession, her mouth growing even more full. A couple of the men pumped their cum straight into her throat, but most of it collecting into her mouth, swilling around her tongue like melted ice-cream.

She sat back on her heels, opening her mouth wide and showing them all the salty spunk they had been feeding her, before closing her mouth and swallowing hard. Then, as an encore, she held up her own hand and slowly sucked each one clean.

The men all sank back to the chairs or slumped against the wall, amazed by the stamina of this gorgeous, petite slut. She smirked, and looked around at them.

“So. What should we do now?” she asked...

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