Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Horizons (3)

She reached behind her, her fingers playing with the lacing at the back of her dress for a second. Then, she pulled it apart, letting her dress sag forwards. Another quick pull, and it was just a pile of fabric, lying discarded on the floor in front of her.

She posed like a pin-up for them, letting the six men gaze at her body. Her breasts were large for her frame, but pert and excellently rounded, her stomach flat and taut, her legs long, and her pussy lips very slightly open, teasingly obscene and with an inviting pinkness. They all groaned - they wanted her, but they needed to recover.

She could tell that they weren’t going to fuck her yet, but she was thoroughly insatiable. She turned around and bent over, letting them eye her asshole and her pussy as she spread her dress out on the floor. She felt a hand stroke along the soft skin of her ass, and then smack hard; she gave them all a sexy moan as a reward, and then turned to sit down on the dress.

Spreading her legs wide open, she ran a finger along the full length of her labia, up over her clit, and up her stomach. They could all see the glistening wetness on her thighs, and by the time the finger reached her waiting mouth, there was a trail of that same wetness running up her body.

She reached down again, rubbing her pussy lips with just a finger, then her clit, and back to her pussy. She taunted them with her sex and her juices that leaked from her tight, young pussy.

But she couldn’t deny her own craven needs. Lust began to get the best of her, and her priorities changed, from teasing her audience to her own pleasure. One of her hands rubbed at her clit, three fingers rotating in a regular movement, a slight triangular shape, while her other hand pushed into her cunt - two fingers, then three.

She laid back on the dress, her hips rising slightly from the ground as her back arched, her two hands moving desperately as she worked for a second orgasm. She could feel the wetness running down her legs, or down over her asshole to drip onto the dress. She was soaking wet and desperate, desperate for another climax.

Every one of her sense was blurred by the intensity of the pleasure, so she didn’t noticed two of the men standing up, moving towards her. It was only when their powerful hands grabbed a hold of her that she realized what they were doing.

Picking her up, they moved her so that she was kneeling on the floor again, with one of the men lying beneath her. He didn’t wait before licking at her snatch, tongue running over her lips and clit before he tried to push it inside her. Meanwhile, the other man moved behind her, pulling her ass wide open, and bending in towards it.

She wailed in pleasure as she felt their tongues working together - one man lapping at her tight rose, while the other drank from her dripping chalice. Two hungry mouths, eating away at her two holes. It felt like she was in Heaven, but she knew that anything that felt as good as this did must be terribly sinful.

They licked and sucked noisily, and it didn’t take long before she was panting and whimpering through a second orgasm. She dropped to all fours, twitching and quivering, and felt her pussy leaking even more than before onto the man laying beneath her. But they didn’t stop pleasuring her, and she felt at least two mini-orgasms tear through her body.

Someone cleared their throat behind her, and she twisted her head and chest as best she could. She was still moaning loudly, with a little drool spilling from her lips.

Standing in the doorway was another man, a huge, burly black guy with a smirk on his face as big as the bulge in his pants.

“Sounds like quite a party. Can I join in?”

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