Monday, 26 September 2011


“On your knees.”

His words made her shiver a little, and her already damp pussy squeezed a little on itself. She felt so empty, and that only heightened the feeling of cold metal against her wrists. Suddenly, she felt a hand smack her cheek, her skin suddenly burning with shame and pain.

“Are you listening slut? I said on your knees, now”.

“Etthh Thur, thorry thur” she mumbled, almost unintelligible. As soon as he had seen the wet spot on her thong, he had ordered her take it off and put it in her mouth; her own underwear, damp with proof of her lust, serving as an impromptu gag. She would never question or disobey her Master; she was his fucktoy, and she loved to serve him, despite her occasional lapses.

She dropped to her knees and tilted her head back, her arms still trapped behind her back. She had a moment to think about her position: to feel the cold hardwood floor pressing against her knees; the stream of warm sunlight through the window, left open in case a passerby might want to enjoy her degradation; the cuffs on her wrists; the expensive, black lace bra with one cupped pulled down to expose her nipple to his mouth; the matching thong spreading her flavours in her mouth even as it silenced her; the incredible calm stillness from her Master.

Suddenly, he slapped her cheek again, and then used her hair to lead her, slowly and with much whimpering but with no resistance, to his bed. He pushed her head against the bedclothes and quickly uncuffed her, throwing the police-issue handcuffs to the side and recuffing her, each wrist fastened to a bedpost with thick chain. Then, he sat in a low chair behind her, smirking at her back.

“What to do with you...” he said, leaning forward and smacking her right asscheek hard. She yelped, the noise barely noticeable with the thong stuff-gag, but he heard. He smacked the other cheek, a little harder, smiling at the yelp and the little twitch as his hand made contact. He kept spanking her tight little ass until the cheeks glowed red, and then he leant back, noting how her thighs now glistened with her obvious excitement.

“I told you not to touch yourself while I was gone. You clearly didn’t listen. So you must be punished. But how...” he mused. His voice was calm and confident, and she shivered again, in anticipation.

She felt him wrench her head back, and a light tap on her cheek. As commanded, she opened her mouth, and he pulled the thong out, tutting at the wetness from her saliva.

“Far too wet” he said, and she heard his footsteps retreating from her. When he came back, she felt his hand between her thighs, and opened her legs as wide as she could to give him better access. She moaned, biting her lips desperately to keep from screaming in pleasure, as he dried her cunt and thighs. Then, with a little difficulty, she felt him sliding a new, fresh, pair of panties onto her body.

“Hold still” she heard him say, and felt the panties pulled away from her at the front. A small, cold, hard object slid in, and she moaned. He pushed it until it was pressed hard against her clit, held in place by her underwear, and then he sat back. Her eyes went wide, and she realized what he was about to do.

“Now, my little slut, this is simply. I’m going to turn that vibrator on, and leave the room for fifteen minutes. If you cum, or if you are too loud, then when I get back, I will punish you. Ten hard smacks on each ass cheek, and a day in the chastity belt for time you cum, perhaps? So, for your sake, you should try not to cum...”

His words hung in the air, and she looked around, eyes wide as he leant down and turned the vibrator on maximum, winked, and walked out of the door; leaving her to a most exquisite punishment.

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