Thursday, 22 September 2011


 He looked down again, and laughed.


She looked back up briefly, nodded, and then started to suck his cock again. Propping himself up on one elbow, he watched her candy-apple red hair hanging down onto his thighs and stomach, tickling him as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. She pushed down a little harder, managed to force the cock all the way into her throat, and brushed her hair aside, both to show him and so she could look triumphantly into his eyes. He grunted, shuddering with the pleasure, and collapsed back on the pillows, trying not to cum too early.

She stayed down for as long as she could, swallowing on his head and using her tongue to tease his shaft until the last moment, before pulling off. Her tonsils popped slightly as his head pulled past them, and she coughed hard, her tits heaving as she caught her breath again.

His cock was slippery wet with her saliva, and she used it as lube, slowly sliding her hands up and down, over and over. She let her tongue swirl around the tip, lap at the shaft, flutter over the veins of his cock and run up from his balls, teasing him and toying with him, driving him wild with desire.

He just lay back, grunting, groaning and twitching from the pleasure he felt as she put her cock-sucking skills to good use. Eventually, though, he couldn’t take it any more, and sat up. With almost snarl-like groan, he grabbed two fistfuls of her hair. He could see her smile, and knew that she had teased him into a lustful frenzy, but he didn’t care. She was his, and he needed to get off.

His right hand kept a fistful of her hair, and his left grabbed the base of his cock. The second her lips had wrapped tight around his length, he pushed her head down, dragging it up, using her hair as a handle so he could fuck her mouth.

She gagged and choked on his dick, enjoying the struggle to get him off as fast as she could. Her lips, tongue and throat worked overtime, pleasuring him until her vision was nearly black, and then gasping in air when he pulled out to let her breath. Thin tendrils of precum and saliva hung between his dick and her lips, broken occasionally by her panting breaths. Her make up was running already. She looked like a whore, but neither of them cared. They revelled in the passion.

After using her mouth for as long as he could, he pushed her onto her back on the bed, and straddled her chest. Jacking his cock slowly, he brought the tip close to her lips and pulled away, but never close enough for her tongue to reach him. She moaned, pouting and frowning, and he would have laughed, if he wasn’t so near orgasm.

“Stop teasing me, asshole. I want your cum!” She moaned, straining again for his cock. With a grunt, and a smile, he nodded, letting her lick the tip just once.

Finally, breathlessly, he came. Just as her tongue lapped at the slit in his cock, he let go. Thick, sticky ropes of warm cum splashed across her - into her mouth, over her nose, cheeks, forehead, even hair. His hand was a blur as he milked every drop over her face, before collapsing onto the bed, exhausted. She purred next to him, cleaning his cum from her face, smiling, fingering herself, and waiting until he had recovered...

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